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Grifter in chief

Trump certainly runs true to type, doesn’t he? The Republican presidential nominee has given a mere $33,000 to his campaign this month. That means he needs to pony up another $44 million to fulfill the boast that’s become a familiar refrain in interviews and rallies over the past several days. Actually, it’s worse than that. […]

I’m an overachiever

Turns out, I’m a special person. Today I got an email at work, which starts out like this: Hello John, I am just getting in contact with regards to my previous email regarding your selection as one of AI Magazine’s Top 25 Fund Managers of the Year 2016. Would [My law firm] like to move […]

No, No, No, it just can’t be

Back in 2008 I supported Obama over Hillary, and I’ve never really regretted it, though I’ve often thought that had Hillary been elected she would have entered office with a huge majority in both houses and no illusions about the prospects of forging bi-partisan agreements. She would, I thought, have known better, given her own […]

Trade talk

A diarist at Kos asks what the fact that Trump is “running to the left” of Hillary on the TPP means. I found this post interesting for a number of reasons. First, opposition to the TPP is not necessarily a “left” position. If it is, it is a position in which the left and right […]

Truly loathsome

It’s a given that the Republican Party is chock full of loathsome politicians. In fact, it’s hard to find one that’s not loathsome. But we shouldn’t forget that we have our share of them too.

Trump’s logic: in the Republican tradition

Donald J. Trump said Sunday that a Muslim judge might have trouble remaining neutral in a lawsuit against him, extending his race-based criticism of the jurist overseeing the case to include religion and opening another path for Democrats who have criticized him sharply for his remarks. The comments, in an interview with John Dickerson, the […]

Times to Donald: You hurt our feelings. When can we do it again?

The New York Times is taking a bit of heat (example, here ) about its article this morning, in which it spends several introductory paragraphs bemoaning how mean Donald Trump is to the media, while only hinting at, rather than explicitly saying, that he lied about his donations to Veteran’s groups. To my mind, the […]

We (apparently) don’t need no education

Apparently, that’s what our State Boards of Education, under Democrats and Republicans alike, seem to believe. It’s far more important to hand our educational system over the rent-seeking for profit (whether they call themselves non-profit or not), charter school chains. In Pennsylvania, the charter schools call the shots and the public school system is being […]

A real Clinton scandal?

It’s well known that neither candidate likely to be nominated by the major parties is particularly popular with the electorate at large. One major difference between them is that Trump actually has a base of people who are enthusiastic about his candidacy. Apart from some folks on Wall Street, there’s not a whole lot of […]

Told you so

My previous post involved passing along some good news. Now, back to normal. I’ve noted on a number of occasions that Hillary Clinton’s opposition to the Trans Pacific Pact will melt like snow in the spring once she’s safely elected, this being an example: When Clinton announces that she won’t scupper the TPP, she’ll tell […]