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Warren’s future

This morning’s Boston Globe has a front page article about a problem Elizabeth Warren will have if she runs for president. She will have to defend her claim to Indian heritage, a claim she apparently made based on what she’d been told as a child. The Globe eludes the fact that this can only be […]

New York Times doing it again

The New York Times wants to hear from people who voted for the Very Stable Genius. I’m not providing a link, as I’m too lazy to look for it, but there’s a little box on the letters page today inviting VSG voters to let the Times know how they thing the genius is doing. I […]

Nazis don’t really care about free speech

I am going to beat a still living horse, the media’s persistent willingness to buy into the terminology of the right. We’ve grown so used to terms like “pro-life” that even many on the left use them precisely the way that the right wants them used. What brings this to mind, yet again, is this […]

Worse Than Both-siderism

A lot of left wing blogs vent about the media’s penchant for “both-siderism”; defined perhaps as the media’s reflexive need to assign blame to “both sides” for anything happening in our culture, even when there is no objective basis for so doing. Broadly speaking, the media feels the need to blame both sides for the […]

Only one side!

Almost everyone on the left is aware of the “both sides” mentality of the mainstream press. Why, there are some bloggers who specialize in exposing the absurd lengths to which the media will go to insist that “both sides” are equally bad. (I highly recommend driftglass, see one of his many great takedowns of David […]

Watch what they do, not what they say

The American media continues to refuse to face the reality that is the modern Republican Party. It is simply a matter of historical fact that the Republican Party is and has been the party of racism since at least 1968. There is no getting around that fact. Yet this morning the Boston Globe highlights a […]

Still No Maverick

I’ve seen a bit of the media reaction to McCain’s vote. Once again, they fall all over themselves praising the guy, with nary a word (or maybe one word) about the fact that it was two women senators, neither one of whom is usually a Profile in Courage, who led the way on the Republican […]

Some historical revisionism

There are certain memes that become embedded in our national conversation, despite the fact that they are in no way fact based. Being of an age when I get to be a curmudgeon, I feel I have the right to protest. Consider this: Senator John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee known for his independent […]

Distraction working, so far

Over at the Palmer Report (still taking it in the main with a grain of salt), Bill Palmer makes a point that I think has validity: Trump is using his twitter account to distract from the mounting evidence that his campaign did, in fact, collude with Russia. It is unclear, to me, at least, whether […]

Normalization continues

There is something very ominous going on not quite under the radar. There’s no question that many people have objected to the normalization of Donald Trump’s behavior, but the fact is that it proceeds apace, enabled by the very people that should be resisting it. As the entire world knows, Trump sunk to a new […]