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Subtle passes for Trump

Donald Trump has often claimed that our NATO allies are not paying what the owe. Normally, the way he phrases what he says, he leaves the impression that they owe the money to the United States. I’ve often wondered what he is talking about, and have searched in vain for explanations in the newspaper articles […]

Distraction free

First, a bit of a trip in the Wayback machine. As Reagan was sinking deeper into senility in the waning years of his presidency, it was revealed that he had surreptitiously sold weapons to Iran, our ostensible adversary. My guess is that had this been properly investigated, it would have been seen as payback (or […]


I’m not sure who I detest more: the outright propagandists at Fox News, or the faux intellectual conservatives who put lipstick on the pig of Republican racism and corporate greed. No, I am sure. Those folks on Fox and Friends are just doing what they’re paid to do. They make no pretense of having anything […]

Compare and contrast

As I’ve said more than once, we subscribe to three daily newspapers. It’s often instructive to compare and contrast how an event is covered. Today the main story was Trump’s tax “plan”, if you can call it that. Let’s see how the three papers covered it. I’m referring here to the print editions. I haven’t […]

Trump enablers

Some people think the role of the press is to inform. Others appear to think its role is to propagandize. We do live in an era of fake news, typified by internet sites such as InfoWars, but there is a far more nuanced form of fake news that is even more dangerous. Case in point, […]

A media fixation

I’ve mentioned before that we get three newspapers: the Boston Globe, the New York Times, and the New London Day. So I’m in somewhat of a position to perceive patterns, an example of which appears on the front page of the Globe this morning. Beneath an article about yet another Trump disaster is an article […]

Fakish news

This is really rather infuriating: President Trump’s proposal to slash domestic spending in order to preserve the two biggest drains on the federal government — Social Security and Medicare — has set up a battle to determine who now controls the Republican Party’s ideology. … Mr. Trump’s budget blueprint — which is expected to be […]

Normalization begins-Local Edition

I’ve noted before in this space that we get three newspapers daily. Since the election I have hardly glanced at them, know what I was going to see, but my New Years Resolution is to force myself to do so. So today, the front page news in all three papers involved the House Republicans backing […]

Physician, heal thyself

This was in the New London Day a couple of days ago: Hartford — The State Department will have $160 million at its disposal over the next two years to help news organizations overseas combat propaganda from countries such as Russia. “This fund would be used to try to build up independent journalism in states […]

I think this is a reasonable question

Why are stupid people like Steve King on television time and again while intelligent people so rarely make an appearance? In the latest of the many, many stupid things he has said on national television, King recently claimed that the fact that Republicans stole the Florida election from Gore in 2000 (no fraudulent votes, just […]