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Category Archives: Local issues

Trump delivers for Dems in Groton

This is, of course, a minor story, but in a way it may be significant. We had our local elections today. The Republicans have dominated the Town Council for something like thirty or more years, and most years they have a majority on the Board of Ed, though sometimes we’ve had a slim majority on […]

An open letter to former State Rep John Scott

Dear John: While the old saying that “the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client” is mainly true, I feel in this instance I can take that risk, as I have a fool for an adversary. I write at this time to put you on notice that I intend to take legal […]

Local Republicans doing what Republicans do

Our newly elected state representative, Chris Conley, had a bit of bad luck recently. Well, she had two pieces of bad luck, but lets start with the latest. A few weeks ago Chris broke her leg in two places. It was a nasty break, and as a result, Chris missed some committee meetings in Hartford, […]

A word of caution re: Heather Somers

One of the good things that has happened (remember, always look on the bright side of life) since Trump lost the popular vote is the rise of the resistance movement, in its various and sundry groupings. We have several in this area. One downside of the movement is that it has attracted a lot of […]

South Carolina on the Sound

The tweet from Chris Hayes linked to a story titled “Interracial couple fined for not removing racial slur spray painted on their garage.” I figured, for sure, it happened somewhere in the Confereracy, but: STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) — An interracial Connecticut couple whose home was vandalized by a racial slur has been fined for failing […]

History repeats itself

A bit of a heads up for folks who aren’t from this neck of the woods. Heather Somers, who ran for Lieutenant Governor in 2014 is gunning for statewide office again. You remember Heather. She was such a strong vote getter that she managed to swing exactly no districts in the Groton area to the […]

An Open Letter to Aundre Bumgardner

(For those who don’t reside here in Groton, Aundre Bumgardner is the state representative from my district, which also includes a slice of New London. ) Dear Aundre: Well, it looks like you’ve passed the Trump test. Instead of voting for your party’s standard bearer, you are going to vote for Gary Johnson, the guy […]

In some cases, past performance is a guarantee of future performance

Here in my home state Senate district, we have a race between an intelligent progressive candidate and the 2014 Republican candidate for lieutenant governor; a candidate so disastrous that the Republicans did their best to put a lid on her during the entire losing campaign. She was a do-nothing town councilor here in Groton for […]

A bit of sympathy for Dave Collins?

I’ve written a number of posts about the New London Day’s columnist, Dave Collins. Dave, despite the cynical tone of so many of his columns, is, it turns out, a fairly naive guy. He decided that any Republican who refused to renounce Donald Trump was beyond the pale. I think he actually thought that the […]


At the risk of beating a dead horse or two, I am going to return to a subject to which I’ve alluded in my two previous posts: the way our local Republican candidates have danced around the question of whether they support Donald Trump. Something I haven’t highlighted is one rather incredible argument they are […]