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Connecticut Delegation disgraces itself

I think this is the worst thing that Joe Courtney has done since he voted to condemn Moveon years ago.: Last week, House Republicans pushed through an invidious bill they’ve cynically dubbed “Kate’s Law” that would impose draconian mandatory minimum sentences on those who attempt to re-enter the country illegally—and which would have done nothing […]

Joe Courtney casts another awful vote

Yesterday I asked Joe to say it wasn’t so. I couldn’t believe he voted with the Republicans to keep refugees out of our country. Well, it was so. When my wife told me about the vote, she wasn’t specific, and I thought she was talking about this, mostly because I couldn’t conceive of him voting […]

Say it ain’t so, Joe

I won’t go into all the reasons why this was a horrible thing to do. They have been amply covered elsewhere.  All I can say is that I’m ashamed that my Congressman has played into the hands of terrorists and contributed to a culture of fear.

Joe Courtney does us proud

I've met a lot of politicians, and, truth to tell, most of them, even the ones with whom I agree, are self centered assholes. Joe Courtney is an extremely honorable exception; I've rarely heard him discussed without someone saying what a “nice guy” he is. Of course, being a nice guy would do us little […]

Joe votes right

It’s only right that we should take note of the fact that Joe Courtney voted with the good guys on the recent NSA vote. Congrats to Lon Seidman too, who keeps Joe educated on these issues. We should also take note of the fact that the vote went down to defeat because“liberals” like Pelosi were […]

Guess who’s pulling Coutu’s strings?

Joe Courtney, our very excellent Congressman, is going to face a tea party type in the next election. His name is Chris Coutu, and he’s a representative type. A young man on the make who is looking to ride extremism and Republican cant into political office or, lacking that, a lucrative right wing sinecure or […]

Joe Courtney visits Drinking Liberally

Joe Courtney joined the regulars at the SE CT Drinking Liberally get together in New London tonight. Mayor Finizio put in an appearance as well. That’s Matt Shafner on the right.    

A great Democrat

A few days ago I put up a post that included this paragraph about our hapless Democrats: Today a poll was released showing that 47% of the people in this country want the health care law repealed. And why not? All they hear is a steady drumbeat of criticism from the right and a deafening […]

A small bit of welcome news

We in Connecticut can take some pride in our House delegation, everyone of whom voted against renewing the Patriot Act. I owe an apology to Joe Courtney, since a short while ago I predicted he’d vote the wrong way, as, in my defense, he has in the past. When they are old and grey, the […]

Shameful behavior on the campaign trail

Joe Courtney is one of the nicest politicians I’ve ever met. Some might say that’s damning with faint praise, but Joe would be on the nice guy side of the scale in any group you’d care to name. So it is with heavy heart that I must call him out on the devious campaign tactics […]