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Category Archives: Presidential Politics

Emails again

There is a tradition in this country. Don’t ask me why. It’s against the rules to have a Democratic Secretary of Defense, though sometimes that rule is observed in the breach. But it’s always against the rules to let a Democrat run the FBI, hence we have a Republican running the FBI at present, a […]

The Great Debate, part 3

For a number of reasons I won’t go into here, I watched last night’s debate, though I would have preferred to skip it. To a certain extent I’m not good at judging winners and losers, because I actually judge debates based on who makes more sense and who tells fewer lies, which is a criteria […]

It’s the year 2000 all over again

It’s hardly a new observation to make, but it’s a fact that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Part of the problem, I suppose, is that those who live through history die off, and are replaced by people who think, for some reason, that things are now different. They […]

Lovin Cruz

Today’s Boston Globe has a mock edition of the paper, a sort of preview of what we might expect to be reading should Donald Trump be elected president. (Full disclosure: my son works at the Globe and likely worked on the mock edition) This is a worthy endeavor, but we must remember that each and […]

What’s your poison, Trump or Cruz?

This is hardly a scientific poll, but I would be willing to bet that were one to poll sane, informed people the results would be similar to what I’ve concluded. I have asked a number of people who they would choose if they knew that either Trump or Cruz would actually become president, moving to […]

Goodbye, Little Marco

This morning I opened up the New London Day (always a depressing way to start the day), and soon found myself brought up short when I read this: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio ended his once-promising campaign after his devastating home-state loss, so the GOP primary is now down to three candidates: Trump, Kasich and Texas […]

Crying Wolf

We all know the fable of the little boy who cried “WOLF!”. One benefit he conferred on the villagers he fooled, which always goes unmentioned, is that until he was exposed as a liar, they undoubtedly took measures to protect themselves from the non-existent wolf. Had there been a real wolf, they would have been […]

Rubio, the moderate 

Paul Krugman noted recently that Rubio, the establishment choice and media darling, is hardly the moderate they are so desperately trying to make him out to be. He’s all they’ve got left, and he’s only hanging on by a thread. They still can’t bring themselves to cast Cruz in the “moderate” mold, and Kasich is […]

Rubio: 300.01 on the DSM

If this is true, I have a question: Millions of people watched Marco Rubio’s televised tailspin in the opening minutes of last weekend’s Republican presidential debate — but what, exactly, they saw depended on the viewer. To rivals, Rubio’s reflexive retreat to the same snippet of well-rehearsed rhetoric — over and over, and over, and […]

Is that an echo?

I have to admit that I’m always gratified when I read something by someone who is basically saying the same things I’m saying, and sometimes I feel the need to pass these things along, for after all, if they are saying what I’m saying, they must be spouting profound thoughts indeed. Today, I point the […]