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A loathsome person

The only time I ever voted for a Republican was in 1988, when I voted for Lowell Weicker, who was running against the loathsome Joe Lieberman. The only time I voted for Joe Lieberman was once by mistake, when I forgot to skip his lever on the old voting machines, and once in 2000, when […]

No question it’s so, Joe

In case you were wondering (and you probably weren’t) what Joe Lieberman is doing these days, here’s an update courtesy of Down With Tyranny: Wall Street banksters fund No Labels to destroy Social Security, Medicare and other social services and they have decided on Lieberman and Huntsman as their new frontmen. Reactionary politics is the […]

Hey Joe, Shut up and mind your own stupid business

The Boston Police say that they have no way of knowing if they’d have done anything different than the FBI had it passed along information about Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The FBI did not initially share with Boston police the warnings it had received from Russia about one suspect in last month’s marathon bombings, despite the work […]

Mixed emotions

Today is a landmark day for me, and not because the nation has started the process of slow motion economic suicide. No, this is personal to me, for today I have lost a bet, something about which I have mixed emotions. Many months ago I bet a friend who shall remain nameless (but not totally […]

Great column at the Day

I wrote a letter to the Editor at the Day last week. I never heard back from them and, what with one thing and another, forgot all about it. Then, there it was in this morning’s paper, promoted (I think it’s a promotion) to a guest commentary. Whatever, anytime I can call Joe Lieberman a […]

Just so

Joe! Reconsider!

The folks at My Left Nutmeg were pleased to hear about Joe Lieberman’s decision to retire from the Senate (likely to a well paid gig dissing liberals on Fox). We here at CTBlue (well, that would actually be me here at CTBlue) don’t feel that way at all. We wanted Joe to stay the course. […]

25% man

Joe Lieberman’s approval rating in Connecticut is at 25%. He has managed to alienate voters across the board, losing points with Democrats, Independents and Republicans. Quite a feat. I made the point a few months ago that his machinations on health care have been motivated by pure spite, and I think these poll results support […]

It ain’t so about Joe

There has been much weeping and gnashing of teeth about Joe Lieberman, with many trying to divine the reason for his health care obstructionism. Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly, points us to a new theory: There’s been ample speculation about what motivates Lieberman, and what compels him to be so profoundly annoying. My hunch […]

Too true

Joe made a big mistake abandoning his makeshift little party. Of course, Joe has a habit of abandoning people and things after he no longer needs them.