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Category Archives: Humour

An open letter to former State Rep John Scott

Dear John: While the old saying that “the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client” is mainly true, I feel in this instance I can take that risk, as I have a fool for an adversary. I write at this time to put you on notice that I intend to take legal […]

Saturday morning laws of cartoon physics

A little humor to start your day. I sincerely hope that the youth of today are being properly schooled in these immutable laws. There are others in the film context, such as the pie always finds the face of the most pompous person at the party.

This cracks me up

Nothing even vaguely political about this, but I can’t stop laughing whenever I read about it: Ships can bear the names of former presidents, war heroes, long-lost loves, or clever puns. However, the U.K. public appears to have taken a different tact when it comes the naming of a new polar vessel from the National […]

It’s a miracle!

Donald Trump has joined Jesus and the Virgin Mary and has appeared to the faithful in edible fashion, the Donald appearing as a tub of fat, which seems right.

A brief history of time

Posting has been sparse lately. You’re welcome. As an added bonus, I must share this, which I found while wandering in Jerry Coyne’s blog, Why Evolution is True. Unfortunately, Philomena Cunk does not appear to have her own channel, so you must search by name at youtube to find her videos. She is the host […]

Hoist with our own petard

The Egyptians must have enjoyed this.

They almost had me

Okay, when I found my way to this story: Sarah Palin: ‘Jesus Fought For Death Penalty Until Day He Died’, I initially thought it must be a joke. But, as I read, it seemed so…. well, plausible. But, in the end, I reluctantly concluded it wasn't true, just truthy.

God **** the pusher girl

(With apologies to Steppenwolf) I briefly noted this phenomenon a few weeks ago. I couldn't resist passing this along, culled from Daily Kos.  

It’s funny because…

It’s funny, because it’s true that it’s implausible but it’s still true.

In a nutshell

The Republican argument, boiled down to its essence.     Posted with Blogsy