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Category Archives: The Arts

Book review review

I subscribe to the digital edition of the Literary Review, a British magazine somewhat like the New York Review of Books, except unlike the New York Review, it really is solely dedicated to reviewing books. I downloaded the February issue a few minutes ago, and seeing the word “Assholes” on the cover, without further elaboration, […]

Friday Night Music, and a bit more

Okay, so we’re beginning our annual Vermont vacation a bit early this year. My sister is renting the place we rent every summer this week, and our rental begins tomorrow, so we’ve been her guests since yesterday, and she’ll be our guest starting tomorrow. Political blogging will be sparse, though who knows, I may inflict […]

Street art

This link was passed on to my wife by an old friend. Well worth a few minutes of your time. Makes you realize how much creativity is out there. Maybe there’s hope after all. Some commenters on the site suspect that some of the pictures were photoshopped. Most of them look genuine to me.

Jersey Boys

My wife and I, along with my sister and one of her friends, went to see Jersey Boys at the Bushnell in Hartford. Unsurprisingly, the youngest people in the theater by far were the folks on the stage. For those who don’t know, Jersey Boys is a musical based on the career of the Four […]

Hygienic Art Show, XXX

This is Super Bowl Sunday. Super Bowls are counted in Roman Numerals, and so are Hygienic Art Shows. For those of you not from the New London area, the Hygienic Art Show is a yearly event held in what was once a restaurant, and is now an art gallery. The rules are simple: One Piece […]

Another Connecticut Blog

My wife and I subscribe to the American Prospect, in which today I found an article by Sharon Butler, a professor of visual arts at Eastern Connecticut State University. The University is a bit north of here, but safely ensconced in our largely ignored Eastern part of the state. I enjoyed the article (subscription required […]

Art on Groton Bank returns

Actually, I forgot to mention the first show in June. Audrey Heard sent a press release, from which the following is excerpted: ART ON GROTON BANK will hold its second event of its second year at the Bill Memorial Library at 240 Monument Street in Groton City on July 19, 2008 from 10:00 AM to […]

Sirota and Lamont in Madison

My wife and I were in Madison last night, at R.J. Julia’s Bookstore, to see and David Sirota talk about this new book, The Uprising. Ned Lamont introduced him, after which he spoke for about 15 minutes. Following that, there was a Q&A session. I had my little video camera with me, and managed to […]

Memorial Day 2008, Noank version (edited)

I seem to have a mental block when it comes to our hallowed Noank Memorial Day Parade. Last year I filmed the entire parade, only to find after it was all over that I had neglected to actually push the little button to start filming. So, last year, no clips at all. This year I […]

Groton Democrat to display art in Old Lyme. Other artists to appear too

Next week, the Lyme-Old Lyme Junior Women’s Club holds its annual Art Show at the Old Lyme Art Association. The details are on the flyer reproduced below. The money goes to good causes, and the art is always very good. There will be lots of artists there, but only one of them lives down the […]