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Bush, still the worst

There is something satisfying about snow days. Your choices are limited by forces beyond your control, so sitting around the house doing nothing is perfectly justifiable. For some of us, of course, the guilt inculcated by years of Catholic education threatens to bubble to the surface, but after years of dealing with it, I've learned […]

Propaganda for Bush’s eyes only

This morning Frank Rich mentioned the fact that Donald Rumsfeld had larded his daily secret reports to George Bush with biblical quotes. The information comes from an article in GQ Magazine written by Robert Draper: Draper reports that Rumsfeld’s monomaniacal determination to protect his Pentagon turf led him to hobble and antagonize America’s most willing […]

There but for the grassroots..

This blog started year ago partly in reaction to George Bush’s attempt to “privatize” (read “destroy”) Social Security after he received a mandate to do so by never mentioning the subject during his 2004 campaign. Luckily, that didn’t work out so well, at least for George, and Social Security escaped his tender ministrations. There were […]

Obama does good

Somewhat lost in the flurry of presidential orders of the last few days is this one, revoking Bush’s executive order allowing incumbent presidents and ex-presidents to exercise absolute control over access to their records held in the National Archives. Bush’s order went so far as to allow a president to exercise control from beyond the […]

Holding up Holder

A short time ago I expressed some cautious optimism about the possibility that the Obama administration might go after the torturers. My basic argument was that a flat out declaration of intent to do so would give Bush the cover to pardon his henchman, on the grounds that any such prosecutions would be political harassment, […]

Who’s the worst president of all?

We have had 43 presidents. About a week ago I decided that I would take a crack at making the case for Bush as the very worst of the lot. It quickly became apparent that it would take a while, so I tried to be a bit methodical about it. I used an outline program […]

One last encore for the Potemkin Presidency

Truly Pathetic: The White House had high expectations for yesterday’s final, historic news conference. “ONE CORRESPONDENT PER ORGANIZATION,” proclaimed the bulletin sent to reporters. “STANDING ROOM ONLY FOR NON-SEAT HOLDERS.” But when the appointed hour of 9:15 a.m. arrived, the last two rows in the seven-row briefing room were empty, and a press aide told […]

Harry Reid says that Bush is the worst president ever

Harry Reid states the obvious: Bush is the worst president ever: Given that he believes that, we must wonder why he did such a terrible job opposing the man, and why he caved in to him at almost every turn. (Video from Think Progress)

My nomination for the Bush turning point

Bush is busily trying to burnish his legacy, and while the Washington Post appears to be assisting in every way possible, it’s a pretty good bet that the American people have now arrived at a settled judgment that even the “liberal” media won’t be able to alter. Many of the articles discussing this subject date […]


On this, the penultimate day of the year, it is only fitting that we look back and savor what we won’t be dealing with next year.