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Category Archives: Rants

Allow me to repeat myself

Republicans speak (and usually lie) with one voice. Democrats don’t even harmonize. I have griped about this for years. One consequence is that Republican memes, no matter how ridiculous they may be when logic is applied, dominate the discourse. Here’s yet another example I just chanced upon, as I scanned the Crooks and Liars posts […]

Earth to Trump voters: tough shit

Are these people stupid, or just Fox viewers. Probably both. One of several Trump voters now facing reality: Los Angeles Times: Kathy Watson- A 55 year old former small business owner who credits Obamacare with saving her life, said that when she voted for Trump she dismissed his pledge to scrap the ACA as bluster […]

I feel his pain

Matt Bors, a cartoonist who posts at Daily Kos, has a problem: I feel his pain. Many of the blogs I visit regularly spend a lot of time explaining why Donald is wrong about this or that, or why we can indeed interpret his most recent (I think it’s his most recent) moronic statement to […]

Hillary is stalking me!

My wife and I have a landline. It’s primary use appears to be as a conduit to allow telemarketers and robocallers to reach us. However, I am of a generation for whom a ringing landline once actually meant there was a human being trying to reach someone, so like Pavlov’s dog I react to a […]

A Blogger’s Lament

Regular readers have no doubt been pleased to see a decrease in blogging activity from this quarter. A decent respect for the opinions of mankind impels me to explain the latest stretch of inactivity. I’ve been doing this, if memory serves, for 11 years. When I started, there were meaty issues being debated, some of […]

All together now: Just a disturbed loner

From the New York Times: Officials from both law enforcement and Planned Parenthood said they did not know whether the group’s Colorado Springs center had been specifically targeted. But the attack carried echoes of other violent assaults on abortion providers, and it prompted the police in New York City to deploy units to Planned Parenthood […]

Friday Night Rant

For one reason or another I’ve had no time for blogging this week, so the links to various items of interest (to me, at least) have stacked up on my Pinboard, awaiting comment. So, this post will be devoted to various and disparate hobbyhorses of mine. First up, the folks at Disney are following in […]

Sunday Morning venting

I grow tired of this sort of thing. The Boston Globe reports that a number of political scientists got together to discuss ways of overcoming what they reportedly call a “democratic deficit” in this country. That deficit undoubtedly exists, and some of its causes, such as huge amounts of money from sources representing only one […]

Get off of my lawn!

I am feeling sort of crotchety today, so I'm going to vent a bit, as is my right as a near geezer. (I will never actually admit reaching that milestone, but I confess to getting ever nearer.) First, let me direct my fire at the Democrats. I've been blogging since 2005 and I'm really tired […]

Old Man Rant

One of the advantages of being a near-geezer (still can’t accept it totally) is that you get to complain about trivial things. Or you think you do. So, thats what I’m going to to now-complain about the New London Day. But before I do, let me observe that the Republicans and the media are all […]