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Category Archives: The Real McCain

Still No Maverick

I’ve seen a bit of the media reaction to McCain’s vote. Once again, they fall all over themselves praising the guy, with nary a word (or maybe one word) about the fact that it was two women senators, neither one of whom is usually a Profile in Courage, who led the way on the Republican […]

Yes Virginia, John McCain is a hypocrite

If I had any qualms (which I didn’t), about dumping on McCain a few days ago, the events of today would surely have eased my conscience. It’s bad enough that he left his taxpayer funded sickbed in order to make sure other people never leave theirs, but the icing on the cake was the brazen […]

Some historical revisionism

There are certain memes that become embedded in our national conversation, despite the fact that they are in no way fact based. Being of an age when I get to be a curmudgeon, I feel I have the right to protest. Consider this: Senator John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee known for his independent […]


This speaks for itself:

Apparently I was wrong

This would be embarrassing, if it was not so satisfying. Yesterday, I opined that the Sarah Palin wardrobe story would sink from sight. Apparently, I was wrong, as I am reliably informed that it dominated the morning talk shows, at least. That means, if I understand the rules of cable news at all, that it […]

Tragedy Averted

If this doesn’t play in your browser, you can view it here. John McCain Accidentally Left On Campaign Bus Overnight

Rewards for good work

This morning I told my wife I was sure that the Wall Streeters would be pulling down big bonuses this year, despite the fact that, objectively speaking, they’re performance has not been, shall we say, all that great. Via Americablog, I see that I was right, but that particular prediction was like shooting fish in […]

Palin’s real Americans speak out

Via Jesus’ General:

A truly stupid suggestion

John McCain said a lot of dumb things last night, and a lot of what he said has been scrutinized, deconstructed, debunked, and otherwise destroyed. I haven’t noticed that anyone picked up on this gem: We need to encourage programs such as Teach for America and Troops to Teachers where people, after having served in […]

Can’t help myself

I agree with Atrios that this is unfair, but it’s too funny not to pass on. Probably everyone in the world has seen these already, but like fine wine they get better with age. Click on images to make them bigger. I posted them small to avoid distortion.