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Category Archives: Garden

Nature’s Bounty

My wife discovered these two gourds growing on the outside of the fence around her garden. They’re at least two feet long. I guess all this rain must be good for something. It’s surprising the deer don’t eat them, since they appear to eat everything else we would rather they leave alone.

Weekend pics

A few pictures from here and yon. A couple of shots from the Art on Groton Bank show. My wife bought a very small painting from the artist at this booth (a steal at $5.00). Yes, that’s Neil Young at the lower left. One of the younger artists concentrated on pictures inspired by the Transformers. […]

Pictures from the Garden

My wife tentatively agreed to do weekly gardening posts, but she chickened out, so we agreed that we would put up pictures on weekends to show the gardens progress. The thumbnails below are part of a new WordPress feature called “gallery”. If you click on any image you get an enlargement to about 640 pixels […]