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Not alone, at any rate

I have to pass this along, just to prove that I'm not entirely crazy. A few days ago I made a list of a number of policy positions the Democrats should take to attract, you know, voters. Among my suggestions: forgiveness of student debt and free college education. Well, I'm not alone at any rate. […]

Time to clamp down

DALLAS — A Dallas nurse who treated the Liberian man before he died of the Ebola virus last week has tested positive for the disease, officials said Sunday. Although the nurse was wearing protective gear, the director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Sunday that the latest report indicated a clear […]

Another meme debunked

I came upon this via Dean Baker. It’s worth reading, as it explodes another of the memes that gets endlessly repeated until it becomes something everyone knows, when there’s precious little truth in it. In this case, it’s the fable that jobs are going begging in this country because our school systems are simply not […]

The ACLU at the right wing money trough

  A couple of years ago I became involved with a local branch of the ACLU, but I found that I just didn’t have the time to attend the meetings. Even then, I had my doubts about the organization, when I learned from a state legislator that the ACLU had opposed attempts to outlaw political […]

Corporate veto power; the coming thing

  There are folks out there who insist that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties, so one should either cast a Naderesque protest vote, or not vote at all. I’ve always felt that there is too much truth in that position to totally reject it, but that on the whole, […]

Republicans don’t need no education

Reality intrudes again. On yet another issue, the Republicans are wrong on each and every point they are making about one of their ginned up issues: To improve its public schools, the United States should raise the status of the teaching profession by recruiting more qualified candidates, training them better and paying them more, according […]

Democrats, the soul of reason

Walter Mondale has weighed in on the pages of the Times (for future reference, and in response to a commenter, any reference herein to the Times, is implicitly a reference to the grey lady) in support of filibuster reform. My wife tells me that the twittersphere (or the portion thereof that she inhabits) is alive […]

Credit where credit is due

As we helplessly watch the spectacle of a nation being consumed by racism and Islamophobia, urged on by Republicans and some Democrats, we should pause to recognize the politicians who have done what should be the easy thing: come out in support of one of the most fundamental American values, freedom of religion. Talking Points […]

Wow! Sanity in Kansas

From McClatchy: After 37 minutes of deliberation, a jury today found Scott Roeder guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Wichita abortion doctor George Tiller. The judge let him testify about his anti-abortion beliefs, but apparently the jury wasn’t buying.

It was 40 years ago today

On November 15, 1969 half a million people descended on Washington D.C. to protest the Vietnam War, not a single one of them directly or indirectly subsidized by a TV network or an astroturfing group of lobbyists. I made the trip to DC with some college friends. There were four of us, joined by two […]