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Really unbelievable

It is both mystifying and inexcusable that Obama would do this: Democrats sitting on the U.S. Senate Banking Committee at Tuesday’s confirmation hearing to take testimony from President Obama’s two nominees for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) must have felt like they were having an out of body experience — listening to the human […]

Let’s parse this

Politico has obtained a draft of the TPP treaty section governing intellectual property. While it’s devastating all around. it’s provisions on pharmaceuticals are particularly bad. Drug prices would rise everywhere, and in many poorer countries generics would no longer be available, meaning that (even more) people will die so drug companies can make obscene profits. […]

Credit where due

I have been known to be somewhat critical of Obama on occasion, such as when he sells out the 99.9% by pushing rotten “trade” deals designed to make the comfortable far more comfortable. So, it’s only fair that I give credit when due, and his step today giving full diplomatic recognition to Cuba deserves a […]

False choices

In my last post I made reference to a previous post, only noticing after the fact that though I’d written it, I had never pressed “post”. So, here it is, out of sequence, but what can you do: After I read this article about Obama chastising Democrats for opposing the corporate takeover of the world’s […]

When can we start digging?

Elizabeth Warren says that the Trans Pacific Partnership “trade” pact is a bad deal, but Obama says she’s wrong”“ “I love Elizabeth. We’re allies on a whole host of issues. But she’s wrong on this,” he said. “I would not be doing this trade deal if I did not think it was good for the […]

Where will all our money go, long time passing?

Isn't it odd how so many plans to help the American worker involve giving their money to Wall Street?

There’s pressure, and then there’s pressure

Looks like Obama is about to cave once again, this time marching us, against his own better judgment, waist deep or more into the Big Muddy of Syria. Well, you can’t blame the man. He knows he’s only setting us up for trouble down the road, but the man is under a lot of pressure: […]


Well, [according to the Beltway pundits](, Obama has himself three scandals. Amazingly enough, one of them, about which the Republicans will take the least umbrage, actually does involve an abuse of power by people for whose actions Obama is responsible. I refer to his Nixon like pursuit of information about members of the press. Charlie […]

Con Men All

This type of thing is probably not unprecedented, but it’s particularly galling in a political environment in which it takes massive public pressure to even get debate on a bill people want, never mind an actual vote. Last year, to much fanfare, and with support from both parties, Congress passed the STOCK act, an act […]

Newt’s Contract on America nears fruition

A good history at Angry Bear of the roots of Obama’s quest to slash Social Security. Is it surprising that it is yet another right wing idea that has become middle of the road by virtue of ceaseless repetition on the right and no pushback from what passes as the left in the Beltway. It […]