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Tales from the Dungeon (That would be Popple Dungeon)

This is a totally non-political post, at least that’s the plan. One of the stupider things we ever did was buy a vacation house shack in Chester, Vermont. It did not ruin us financially, only because we ended up renting it out for enough to cover the mortgage. Anyway, it is on Ethan Allen (street […]

A year ago today

In addition to writing on this blog, I’ve been keeping a journal on my iPad. It has a feature that shows you entries from previous years. My entry from last year on this date, among other things, reproduced a post I put on this blog giving my reasons for considering Hillary Clinton a flawed candidate. […]

Happy Birthday, Abie Baby

Today is the natal day of the greatest American president. The fact that he became president at all should give us hope. He succeeded a string of mediocrities who had, at best, stood by while the nation careened toward destruction. What were the odds that a man of his abilities would occupy the White House […]

Random thoughts before the bad moon rises

We are heading into some difficult times. It may very well be that we are at a critical juncture, and that we will never recapture any semblance of representative democratic governance. But while it’s important to resist, it’s also important to remember how we got here. For us Democrats, it’s important that we acknowledge that […]

He’s got my vote

Well, not really. I have fond memories of the Spaceman, Bill Lee, former Red Sox pitcher. It is my firm belief that when the Red Sox went into their 1978 tailspin, which ended in the infamous Bucky Dent homer (may his name forever live in infamy), Bill Lee could have stopped the slide had the […]

I’m an overachiever

Turns out, I’m a special person. Today I got an email at work, which starts out like this: Hello John, I am just getting in contact with regards to my previous email regarding your selection as one of AI Magazine’s Top 25 Fund Managers of the Year 2016. Would [My law firm] like to move […]

Running in place, and other observations

“Now here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!” Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass This quote came to mind when I stumbled on this post by Wolf Richter, […]

Back from the shadows again

No posting here for quite some time, due to the fact that I’ve been vacationing in Vermont. The main purpose of this post is to make it clear that I’m still alive. One of the advantages of having no television is that I am spared watching conventions, so I have followed each second hand, so […]

The Moving Center

Riffing slightly on a few recent posts. I can’t help but comment on the rapidity with which the “center”, as defined by our media, moves ineluctably to the right. This post at Hullabaloo, in which it is noted that the Times characterized the George Bush administration as from the “comparatively moderate” wing of the Republican […]

What the Fates allowed

Regular readers know that I’m not much for religion, but if I had to choose a faith, I’d probably go with the Greek gods, or some similar pantheon. They made no pretensions to being anything but arbitrary and capricious, unlike a certain Hairy Thunderer, who shall remain otherwise nameless. All this is by way of […]