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Category Archives: Ramblings

I’m an overachiever

Turns out, I’m a special person. Today I got an email at work, which starts out like this: Hello John, I am just getting in contact with regards to my previous email regarding your selection as one of AI Magazine’s Top 25 Fund Managers of the Year 2016. Would [My law firm] like to move […]

Running in place, and other observations

“Now here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!” Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass This quote came to mind when I stumbled on this post by Wolf Richter, […]

Back from the shadows again

No posting here for quite some time, due to the fact that I’ve been vacationing in Vermont. The main purpose of this post is to make it clear that I’m still alive. One of the advantages of having no television is that I am spared watching conventions, so I have followed each second hand, so […]

The Moving Center

Riffing slightly on a few recent posts. I can’t help but comment on the rapidity with which the “center”, as defined by our media, moves ineluctably to the right. This post at Hullabaloo, in which it is noted that the Times characterized the George Bush administration as from the “comparatively moderate” wing of the Republican […]

What the Fates allowed

Regular readers know that I’m not much for religion, but if I had to choose a faith, I’d probably go with the Greek gods, or some similar pantheon. They made no pretensions to being anything but arbitrary and capricious, unlike a certain Hairy Thunderer, who shall remain otherwise nameless. All this is by way of […]

The road ahead 

Listen my reader(s), you’ll eventually hear All my predictions for the coming New Year Open a bottle of your strongest of stuff You better get plenty, though it won’t be enough The future I’ll serve you like holiday dishes Sorry, I doubt I can fill all your wishes There’s reason to hope, but far more […]

Greetings from Vermont

Blogging has been non-existent here, as I have been on vacation in the great state of Vermont, home of Ben and Jerry’s, the world’s finest cheddar cheese, Lake Champlain chocolates, lakes of crystal clear water and lakes of craft beer, and, last but not least, home of Bernie Sanders, who, if this were at all […]

Back from the shadows

It’s been a while since I posted, thereby letting down the legions who read this blog. As Thomas Jefferson said in an entirely different context, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that I should declare the causes which impelled me to put aside my keyboard. I have of late been occupied with […]

Some things considered 

Not necessarily thematically connected, but this is my blog and I can write anything the government will permit me to write. Obama is visiting serial labor exploiter Nike to push for his trade agreement. Nike is making promises about what will happen if the agreement is approved: BEAVERTON, Ore. — President Obama plans to campaign […]

Editor wanted

I have noted in the past that whoever writes the titles for the articles in the New London Day has a rightwing bent, as the titles often give a conservative cast to articles that turn out to not quite say what the title implies. Whoever this mystery person is (and I admit I could be […]