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Category Archives: Corruption

We really can’t complain

A friend sent me this link, to an opinion piece in the Boston Globe that makes the obvious point that we have been “hacking” election for years, so we really don’t have much right to be outraged by what the Russians may have done. Some of our politicians tell us we are a Christian country, […]

Dems Forget Something

Ordinarily, I would say these Democrats have a point: Democrats in the House of Representatives are wondering if there is, just possibly, room before the next hearing on why the Attorney General chose not to call in a drone strike over Hillary Clinton’s emails, for the Justice Department to tackle one other thing. Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee […]

The rich are different than you and me

Polling proves it, just check out this article on Kos. Now, what is interesting about this is that on almost every question, the rich truly are different from you and me (considering you and me collectively). It would not be a stretch to say that they are more selfish and self-centered, with all that leavened […]

Quid meets quo

The bankers don’t like Elizabeth Warren and they’ve met with Democratic Party officials to tell them so: JPMorgan representatives have met Democratic Party officials to emphasize the connection between its annual contribution and the need for a friendlier attitude toward the banks, a source familiar with JPMorgan’s donations said. In past years, the bank has […]

There’s still some bargains out there

The price of everything is going up (okay, not really, I know inflation is actually quite low, but lets put that aside), but the price for buying politicians has stayed remarkably low and stable. In fact, it may even be declining. Politicians can be bought remarkably cheaply, considering the return on the investment. Consider our […]

Where are the Republicans when we need them?

Like probably all of my readers, I received an email from Alan Grayson today, asking me why the White House has nominated a guy to high office who received a parting bribe from His old employer, the Bank of America: When former Wall Street banker Stefan Selig was nominated for a senior Commerce Department role […]


So, it turns out that Chris Christie'e people deliberately caused a massive traffic jam in NJ, as political payback against the Fort Lee mayor. Sort of weird when you consider that theres really no use punishing someone while denying responsibility. Sort of undermines the message. It's a little like Tony Soprano arranging an accident that […]

Where are the Obama haters when we need them?

A few days ago, I noted my utter lack of surprise at the fact that Eric Holder has refused to enforce a subpoena sought by some government officials investigating JP Morgan's role in aiding Bernie Madoff. It seems there is some doubt that the financial geniuses at the bank really didn't know Madoff was scamming […]

Back from the Shadows Again

Well, our holiday guests have come and gone, and it is time for me to return to blogging. Don't ask me why. I do pay a modest yearly fee to my web hosting service, so I guess one answer would be that I have to get my money's worth, but I could solve that problem […]

Honor among thieves, American style

This morning as I perused the Times, I read this article about Hillary Clinton, who is currently following her husband’s career path and raking in big bucks on the lecture circuit. My immediate reaction was to condemn such fees as a transparent investment, a payment to assure favorable treatment if Hillary should in fact succeed […]