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On Sabattical

I’ve gone silent lately, not for lack of anything to say, but due to an inability to say, or more accurately, type it. An old shoulder injury, I think, has come back to haunt me, and typing more than 30 seconds is almost impossible. I am ensnared in the health care system. I am keeping […]

New London Anti-Trump vigil

There will be an anti-Trump candle light vigil at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in New London from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM, Friday. It’s hard not to be down after the election, but we have to fight back if we have any chance of fending off the dark side of the force. In that […]

Debate watching event

The Groton Democratic Town Committee will be hosting a debate watching event at its headquarters at 774 Long Hill Road in Groton on Sunday. It starts whenever the debate starts, I guess. We have one of those giant TVs. It’s a pot-luck affair, so anyone who brings food will be quite welcome. It is not […]


I now compose most of my posts on my Ipad, and I use an app with the original name of “Posts” to do so. It is the best app I’ve found for the purpose, but I was distressed to find out yesterday that, for reasons that I certainly can’t fathom, it defaults to a “no […]

Speaking of Wallowing

(See Previous post) The Groton Democrats will be holding a victory party at which we non-traditional Americans will celebrate our deliverance from the specter of a Romney presidency, never mind the almost equally frightening specter of a Senator McMahon. If you hate America too, come join us at the Groton Motor Inn at 3:00 PM […]

Closed for repairs

Our Internet service has been cutting out periodically. We’ll get five, maybe ten minutes of service, and then it’s down for half an hour or more. A service person is coming Wednesday, so until then, no posts. I’m just hoping I can get this up before it cuts out again. 

A short hiatus

It could be a while before I further pollute the Internet. Civic duty tonight, debate tomorrow, and Drinking Liberally on Thursday. Speaking of Drinking Liberally, we’ve been trying to get the word out to all that we’re moving back to the Bulkeley House, 111 Bank Street in New London at 6:30 PM. If you like […]


The Obama campaign and the Democrats are doing something you won’t find on any Republican site: making it easy (or as easy as they can, considering the Republican’s ongoing voter suppression) to vote. They are distributing open source code that anyone can use to register. For reasons I can’t fathom, I can’t seem to make […]

New Blog Theme

For some reason the Blog’s title was ascending out of the title bar of the old theme, and I could figure no way of fixing the problem other than changing themes. Also, for some reason, the typeface has changed. Still working on that.  If the typeface on this looks odd, that’s why. As I do […]

Lon Seidman hits the big time

Lon Seidman, who I’ve kidded here on occasion for his technophilia, has been invited to the White House to tweet the State of the Union address. You can follow Lon at @lonpaul.