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Something completely different

Some time ago my wife and I gave a camera to my son that had belonged to my father in law. It’s a World War II era Leica. As part of the gift, we paid for refurbishing it, provided he did the work of finding someone to do it, which he did. In the course […]

Blogus interruptusĀ 

If I do any blogging for the next week, it will be to put up pictures, as we are presently in Mexico on vacation. I hear with immense satisfaction that it snowed in Groton today. We are at a resort near Puerto Vallarta. Herewith a few pictures of the environs. Later in the week we […]

Woodstock Fair

My wife and I went to the Woodstock Fair this morning. Among other activities, we watched some of the sheep and cattle judging, but it occurred to me that there really ought to be a competition to judge among the Italian Sausages on offer. I am not exaggerating when I say that there were at […]

Greetings from Vermont

We have been in Vermont since Friday on our annual trek. Readers of this blog have been spared for the last several days due to the unfortunate fact that, over the weekend, we could not connect to the wireless network in the house we’re renting, due to a password issue. Thanks to the very helpful […]

Spring cometh, at least we hope

My wife and I are in the midst of our annual pilgrimage to the Boston Flower Show. Herewith a few pictures to give all of you other folks afflicted with Seasonal Affective Disorder hope.   Edited with BlogPad Pro  

Midsummer getaway

This post will have nothing to do with politics, unless in the course of it I make some snarky comments about rich people, with whom I am currently surrounded. As I mentioned yesterday, my wife and I find ourselves staying at the Hopkins Inn in LItchfield County. This came about sort of through happenstance. Our […]

Spring comin’

We’re in Boston. Yesterday, we took in the Boston Flower Show. Herewith some pictures, none too great, but at least they serve as a reminder of things to come. In my defense, photo-wise, the lighting at the Seaport World Trade Center, where the show is held, is a nightmare. It’s almost impossible to get a […]

Ghost Town in Norwich

Every day as I drive to work I pass the old Norwich State Hospital, and the amateur photographer in me lusts for the opportunity, sadly not to be had for a mere blogger such as me, to roam the grounds and buildings to take pictures. There is something compelling about the decay. So it was […]

Art mystery

Yesterday my wife, son, and I went to the MFA in Boston, which has been renovated and expanded recently. I don’t claim to be an art expert, but I do know that in portraiture prior to the twentieth century, the objects around the subject usually were symbolic in some sense. A scholar might hold a […]

Something almost completely different

My wife and I went to North Adams, Massachusetts yesterday, and today we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art within that somewhat fair city. The museum is in an old factory building, and they’ve made good use of the space, as it allows for some fairly large installations. Most of the rooms are cavernous. […]