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Chris, don’t let the door hit you on the way out

Chris Dodd appears determined to prove his critics right: he has been in Washington way too long. As his final act as a Senator, he has chosen to lead the charge among Democrats to assure the survival of the filibuster and the continued dominance of the Republican party, no matter who is in the minority. […]

It’s time for him to go

I greatly respect Chris Dodd for all he’s done, but I must say that it’s apparent that his time has passed, and we can be thankful that he has stepped aside. If I’d had any doubts, and I hadn’t, this interview, in which he says that the filibuster rule should not be changed, would have […]

Doing the right thing

We owe Chris Dodd a debt of gratitude for doing the right thing today. Some of his problems were self inflicted. Most were not, but none of that matters in politics, where perception so often makes reality. He was an excellent Senator, and a year from November that’s the way most people will remember him, […]

Fool me once…

It’s almost enough to fill one with despair. What’s one definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. What clich├ęs or common phrases are running through my mind? Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it It’s the same old song Here we go again. […]

On message

You really have to admire the message discipline of the Democrats. One of Dodd’s potential opponents is Linda McMahon, former head of the World Wrestling outfit. Connecticut Democrats have been attacking her, making what is a quite accurate charge that it is not the PG family friendly entertainment that she claims it to be. Unless, […]

Dodd sets the record straight

I’m not sure what I think of this. Part of me agrees that, as Dodd says, we should set the records straight. The other part of me feels that it’s a fools errand to even respond to the Republicans patently absurd claims that they have been shut out of the health care process. In fact, […]

Dodd redux

Seems that I’m mentioned in a front page article in the Courant today. The reporter, Daniela Altimari, sent me an email asking to talk to me about an “open letter” to Chris Dodd that I posted a few weeks ago. In that letter I bemoaned Dodd’s statement to the effect that Lieberman should suffer no […]

Some steps forward, giant step back

An Open letter: Dear Senator Dodd: I really wish you all the best. That’s why I wrote that resolution for which you thanked me so warmly at the event in Groton this past July. But you make it so hard. The knock is that you’ve lost touch; that you’ve been in Washington too long. That’s […]

Pre-Primary Strategy

I’ve mentioned before that I’m in a mailgroup (in which I lurk only), the subject of which is the Dodd re-election campaign. Lately there’s been a bit of debate about whether it was wise for the Connecticut Democrats to go after Linda McMahon for her rank hypocrisy (hey, she’s a new Republican and she’s trying […]

Dodd on the comeback trail

The Daily Kos poll has Chris Dodd within four of Simmons and ahead of Foley, both of whom are largely undefined to most Connecticut voters. Three of the four Republican candidates are raising big bucks, so we can expect some bloodletting to take place on that side before the big show takes place. Gabe Rosenberg […]