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Category Archives: Computer Stuff

What a wonderful idea!

There are few people more fascinated with technology than me, though I definitely defer to fellow Dem Lon Seidman on that score. So, how could I resist this modern miracle: By connecting its latest water pitcher to the Internet, Brita is hoping you’ll never again stretch a filter too thin. The Brita Infinity is $45 […]

Involuntary Servitude in the 21st Century

You just know where this one is going: After his 12-hour shifts at an Amazon warehouse in Las Vegas, Jesse Busk says, he and 200 other workers typically waited in line for 25 minutes to undergo a security check to see whether they had stolen any goods. Upset that the temp agency that employed him […]

Deliver yourself from evil

When Google was founded it adopted a motto: “Don't be evil”. At least at Google, that motto has long since been set aside, and to the rest of us, it has merely become ironic. Now Apple has taken a slight swing at Google, and I thought I would highlight it a bit. Now, don't get […]

Closed for repairs

Our Internet service has been cutting out periodically. We’ll get five, maybe ten minutes of service, and then it’s down for half an hour or more. A service person is coming Wednesday, so until then, no posts. I’m just hoping I can get this up before it cuts out again. 


  So today I opened up my email and wasn’t I surprised and honored to find that Maricel Anderson thought so highly of my blog that she (he?) wanted to submit a post of earth shaking importance for exclusive appearance here: Hi John, I’m a writer for an online resource about healthcare management and am […]

A plug

  Ever since I got my Ipad, I have searched for the perfect app on which to write these blog posts. I now think I’ve found it. Actually, a combination of apps, that together do everything I need. The first is called Writing Kit, which allows you to edit Markdown documents. There are lots of […]

Google dumps independent booksellers

A few months ago I was delighted to learn that I could buy e-books through my local bookstore, meaning I could funnel at least part of my money to someone local, instead of handing it to Apple or Amazon. Bank Square Books, of Mystic, sold books through an e-book distributor named Blio, which, to my […]

New App

Ever since I got my iPad I have been on a quest to get a satisfactory RSS reader app. I have abouty six of them, all with their strengths and weaknesses. Lately I’ve been using Flipboard, which has a great interface, but is not terribly efficient. I subscribe to lots of feeds, and I like […]

The New Iphone

I find I must weigh in on the new Iphone. The political punditry game is growing stale, considering that everything happening right now is pretty much déjà vu all over again, with the glorious exception of those kids on the street, about which I have had my say. As to what’s left, how many times […]

O frabjous day!

Is there a way to put myself in suspended animation? Normally, I wouldn’t want to miss a summer but what with today’s developments, this world will seem to me “a sterile promontory”, the summer something merely to endure, for what is life when one must wait until September for real joy and happiness? The long […]