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Try and Watch

I must apologize for failing to put this on my normal Friday Night Music Video. The Peckinpaugh campaign actually put out a press release and encouraged people to watch it, but quickly took it down after people actually did. My wife watched it just before they took it down, and, among others perhaps, alerted CTBlogger, […]

Simmons pledges fealty to the crazies

Rob Simmons apparently thinks that the road to the Senate lies through the teabaggers. He has sent a fundraising appeal pledging to be the guy who assures that the Democrats never get that 60th vote to advance their big government agenda. Here’s a snippet from his appeal: The fight in the Senate is just getting […]

Simmons Unhinged

via Think Progress:

The Day back to shilling for Simmons

It looks like the New London Day is back into full Rob Simmons support mode, after a brief hiatus in 2006. This time it’s Paul Choiniere, who starts today’s screed with the following line: Rob Simmons is the new Barack Obama. Reading on, we find that there are two points of similarity. Both men are […]


My wife has been urging me to post this video, which she saw on My Left Nutmeg. Here’s SE Connecticut’s own (can we disown him somehow?) Rob Simmons, gladly joining Sean Hannity in the muck, in contrast to Sam Caliguri, who refuses to wallow. This type of behavior is no surprise to those of us […]