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Can Fox meet the challenge?

As I write this, the story at this link reflects a 1.36% decline in the stock market so far today, on top of Friday’s record sell off. Is Fox up to the challenge? They’ve been touting the market’s rise since Obama left office as proof of Trump’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious presidentiality. Now they have to do a […]

A few thoughts on the “secret memo”

Well, all the world can now read the “secret memo”, and, not surprisingly, other than in the right wing fever swamp, the reaction has been dismissive at best, mocking derision at worst. A good collection of mocking twitter posts here. The whole thing never made sense. The thing was created by Republican operatives who immediately […]

Warren’s future

This morning’s Boston Globe has a front page article about a problem Elizabeth Warren will have if she runs for president. She will have to defend her claim to Indian heritage, a claim she apparently made based on what she’d been told as a child. The Globe eludes the fact that this can only be […]

Hypocrisy that knows no bounds

Apparently the Hannity fed right wing is in the middle of another anti-Obama fever dream: Sean Hannity says that Robert Mueller’s investigation is “over.” Instead, everyone should be emptying cells at Gitmo to handle President Obama and his cohorts because Republicans are shocked, shocked to find that “Donald Trump was right all along.” They have […]

They must be cruel rather than be kind

One of the things I like about Paul Krugman is that he totally steers away from blaming our current state of affairs on Trumpism, and puts the blame squarely where it belongs: the Republican Party. This morning’s column, in which he castigates Republicans for their predilection for inflicting pain on the poor is a good […]

Gosh, whatever happened to States right?

Men and women of principle: The garbage fire in the White House may have his hands full stumping for a Republican child molester this week, but never doubt the rest of his party’s willingness to stump for the nation’s mass murderers. Republicans lined up a vote this week in the House on making it easier […]

A % here and a % there and pretty soon you’re talking about real money

It goes without saying that Paul Ryan and the Republicans are lying when they claim their tax bill is designed to benefit the middle class. Okay, some of them may not be lying. Some of them may be so stupid that they believe the bullshit Ryan is peddling but, same difference. If you’re a Member […]

A mystery solved?

Over the last day or so I have been completely mystified. Various Republicans have come out urging Roy Moore to withdraw from the Alabama Senate race. Some, such as Mitch McConnell, have even said that they believed his accusers. This all seemed strange to me. The man was already known to be a racist and […]

Learning lessons

So, here’s an article at Truthout titled Conservatives Learn the Wrong Lesson From GOP Defeat in Virginia. First conservative mentioned is Ann Coulter: If the reaction from prominent right-wing media figures is any indication, conservatives are having a very hard time coping with the resounding loss of Republican candidate Ed Gillespie in the Virginia gubernatorial […]

The voters may get it, even if the media doesn’t

One of my favorite bloggers is driftglass, who rather singlemindedly documents bothsiderism and media apologetics for the Republican Party, as he does so ably here. The thrust of the piece is to the effect that the recent wave election is being characterized as a renunciation of Trumpism, rather than a renunciation of the Republican Party. […]