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Category Archives: Food

Name that Ice Cream!

Unbeknownst to me, I have become a member of the media, and as such I received an emailed press release from the Farmer’s Cow, which will soon be releasing a line of locally made ice creams. Since I love ice cream, and since I approve of local foods, I thought I’d pass it along, despite […]

A New Year’s Tradition

About ten years ago my wife began a New Year’s tradition of making cinnamon buns on New Year’s Day. Unfortunately, something happened and the buns went unmade for the years twixt then and now, though the tradition endured as an aspiration, so to speak. This year it has returned in a blaze of glory, somewhat […]

Why we need Health Care

You can never overestimate the heights of iniquity to which the American Corporation is capable of ascending, and, as a wise Connecticut Yankee once said, you can never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American Public. Those two eternal verities are colliding once again, starting in Nebraska and Rhode Island, but soon appearing at […]

Culinary Plug

My wife and I had to head into New London this morning to pick up our latest acquisition at the Hygienic, so we decided to go out for breakfast somewhere in the Whaling City. We searched around on-line and found The Broken Yolk, which is near the southerly end of Montauk Avenue. In the past, […]