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Earth to Trump voters: tough shit

Are these people stupid, or just Fox viewers. Probably both. One of several Trump voters now facing reality: Los Angeles Times: Kathy Watson- A 55 year old former small business owner who credits Obamacare with saving her life, said that when she voted for Trump she dismissed his pledge to scrap the ACA as bluster […]

A certain justice 

Interesting chart here. It appears that the extent that Trumpcare will screw the states is roughly proportional to the extent they voted for Trump. So they’re getting what they asked for. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks. It speaks volumes about how confident the Republicans are that they can continue to manipulate their […]

Things look up in Kentucky

Seems Mitch McConnell has a little problem; one many of us have seen coming for some time. The Kentucky version of Obamacare has been a huge and popular success there, so Mitch has to pass through the eye of a needle so small it would daunt the tiniest camel. He has chosen to do so […]

Bring on the death panels

The release of Medicare cost information has been debated in the press for a few days. I don't pretend to be an expert, but like everyone else I was shocked by the amount of money some doctors are getting for drugs they are prescribing. Of course, they have their excuses, but it would appear that […]

Proof that capitalism can’t work

I am a member of the board of an organization which is so pathetic that it recently elected me chair. In furtherance of my duties, I proposed to set up a shared Dropbox folder, which I attempted to do last night. I experienced difficulties sharing the folder. I did a bit of investigating and discovered […]

My take, as if it matters

  I would never have predicted that Roberts would be the fifth vote for the health care law, but as a blogger I have the absolute right to give an opinion about why it’s not surprising, now that it's happened. So here’s my theory. It’s not the Scalia court, and it’s not the Alito court. […]

The Republican Health Plan: Die Quickly

This just came to my attention yesterday, though it happened in July. It becomes salient now considering Ron Paul’s recent response to a question that Wolf Blitzer, of all people, asked Paul at the most recent debate among the clowns that are seeking the Republican nomination for president. Blitzer asked what was to be done […]

Once again, the money flows toward the stupid

Connecticut News Junkie points us to an on-line debate between liberal Jonathan Pelto (read his post here) and conservative Heath Fahle (I don’t link to conservatives) about Sustinet, a health care initiative championed by Connecticut Democrats, with our own Betsy Ritter, of Drinking Liberally, very much in the forefront. It promises to enable Connecticut to […]

Sustinet lauded by Firedoglake

The folks, or at least one contributor to, Firedoglake think very highly of the recently announced Sustinet Board’s Draft Report: Both the new health care bill and other federal laws like ERISA make it very hard to for states to adopt my preferred solution of single-payer health care, or even my secondary choices, like a […]

The reality of health care reform

One of my son’s college friends, who we see each summer in Vermont,writes about the reality of health care reform for those who really need it. He’s a cancer survivor, still quite young, whose life choices have been severely restricted by his ability or lack of ability to get health care. The bill isn’t perfect, […]