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A reasonable suggestion


Thou may shoot thy neighbor (certain conditions apply)

It will be interesting to see if a recent Florida case gets the same attention as the Trayvon Martin case or whether, as I predict, we have all grown used to the idea that it is legal to murder people in hoodies in Florida: On Thursday, an Orlando man shot and killed a 21-year-old who […]

Paranoia strikes deep, but sometimes misses the mark

Apparently I missed this when in happened. A woman came close to fainting as she stood behind Obama during a press availability during which he was touting Obamacare. Parenthetically, I've always hated this stunt, first pioneered by St. Reagan, of having common every day folks stand behind the President while he misleads us. But that's […]

Someone watches over us

Apparently someone once said, though no one know who, that “God takes care of fools, drunks, and the United States of America”. Given recent events, even we non-believers must pause and wonder sometimes. Consider this. The present day Democratic Party must be the most incompetent political party that has ever maintained its existence on the […]

Okay then, that makes sense

We all remember the meme about the tea party person who demanded that the government keep its hands off his or her Medicare. I spent a fair amount of time one day googling around to document that it was fact based, and while I'm not prepared to say it wasn't, I found no evidence that […]

Some help for Fat Tony

Antonin Scalia is, though it is hard to believe, a Supreme Court Justice. Supreme Court justices are quite knowledgable, as any one of them would be the first to tell you, but they can't know everything, and it seems that Fat Tony is puzzled. You see, he believes in the devil, but he can't quite […]

Founding Fondlers

Lately our historically challenged right-wing brethren have, against all the evidence, taken to ascribing their own beliefs (or beliefs they pretend to hold) to our sainted Founding Fathers. If we are to believe them, our forefathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in religion, and dedicated to the proposition that all men […]

Constitutional Law 101

Some good, if basic, discussion here about the right’s abuse of the 10th Amendment. The bigger problem, which author Robert Parry notes, is the refusal of the press to provide basic information to readers, many of whom will therefore come to the natural conclusion that there must be some validity to these specious arguments. The […]

Temporary birther

Seems that Ted Cruz has a bit of a problem. He wants to be president, but according to many of the people to whom he’s catered for the last several years, he’s not eligible. He was born in the People’s Republic of Canada, and if the birthers are consistent, they will have no choice but […]

Just when you think.

…they can’t find anyone crazier than the last crazy person they’ve nominated for, or elected to, some office, the Republicans outdo themselves. The folks at TPM ask how hard do you have to look to find an African-American candidate who thinks the three-fifths clause in the constitution was a good thing. Well, the Virginia Republicans […]