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Republican Logic

United States Senator (yes, let that sink in) Thom Tillis, believes that we should not have regulations requiring restaurant workers to wash their hands after using the bathroom, but we should have regulations requiring their employers to let the public know that their employees are not required to wash their hands after using the bathroom. […]

Truth is Stranger than Satire

A few days ago I made a modest proposal: that we should take immediate action to prevent Texans from entering the country in order to protect ourselves from the scourge of Ebola. You may recall at the beginning of the Obama administration Rahm Emmanuel was quoted as saying you should “never let a serious crisis […]

Louisiana to Texas: We don’t want your garbage unless it’s radioactive

Every once in a while I'm surprised at the reach of this humble blog. A few days ago I sounded the alarm about the need to keep Texans out of the country in order to protect us from the Ebola virus. Well, when I came upon this story I could only assume that the attorney […]

Krugman, wishful thinking, and the fall of the House of Cantor

I don't normally take issue with Paul Krugman, and I heartily wish I could buy into his take on the Cantor defeat, but I don't think the evidence is there: In other words, being a hard line conservative, which to be fair involved some career risks back in the 60s and into the 70s, became […]

Hey Joe, your 15 minutes are up!

Isn't it about time that the media let Sam Wurzelbacher slip back into the obscurity from which he came? Who cares what he thinks, and I use the word “thinks” advisedly.

25% normal

I’ve been busy lately, what with attending meaningless nominating conventions and such like. So, no posts of substance lately. You must, therefore content yourself with entertainment: excerpts from the Idaho Republican primary gubernatorial debates. So, one normal guy. That’s not too bad. Did you catch the look on the moderator’s face?

CPAC reverses itself: Atheists banished

A few days ago I noted that CPAC was allowing the American Atheists to have a booth at its upcoming convention, but not GOProud, a group of Gay Republicans. (That term should be an oxymoron, but oddly enough, it's not). l expressed some reservations about whether the Atheists had indeed gotten a booth, it being […]

CPAC makes its priorities clear

A few days ago they reported at Kos that a bunch of gay Republicans were absolutely delighted that they were going to be allowed to attend the next CPAC conference. The dispute with GOProud dates back to 2011, when a number of socially conservative groups, including the Heritage Foundation and the Family Research Council, objected […]

A reasonable suggestion


Thou may shoot thy neighbor (certain conditions apply)

It will be interesting to see if a recent Florida case gets the same attention as the Trayvon Martin case or whether, as I predict, we have all grown used to the idea that it is legal to murder people in hoodies in Florida: On Thursday, an Orlando man shot and killed a 21-year-old who […]