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Tea Leaves

From Talking Points Memo: Connecticut Republican Senate nominee Linda McMahon has been telling voters lately that it’s okay to vote for President Obama as well as her. Now she’s taking it a step further — and getting about as far away from her own party’s nominee for president as she can — and actually urging […]

A missive from Jackson Katz

I’ve been writing off and on about efforts hereabouts to spread word about a video made by Jackson Katz about the “family entertainment” Linda McMahon spewed forth at the WWE. I tried to email to him to get his support for our efforts to post the video, but never got a response. Most likely the […]

McMahon video still available

Despite the best efforts of the WWE to prevent people from seeing it, the video Only Entertainment? is still available. Susan Campbell, of the New Haven Register, has the story. That’s Groton’s Liz Duarte that she features. There are links to the video there. If you know any undecided women, or undecided enlightened men, get […]

Adventures in copyright

A few weeks ago I put up a video about Linda McMahon. It was sort of an abridgement of a film made by Jackson Katz. The abridgment itself, as I understand it, was made by Mr. Katz, so I would have to assume that he holds the copyright thereto. He is a crusader against violence […]

Pass this on

I’m assuming that anyone reading this blog is either a good Democrat or a perverse Republican, so either way, you are decided on the Senate race. But for those not on the dark side of the force, you can do the world (or at least Connecticut) a favor by passing on this video, particularly to […]

Is that all she’s got?

Linda McMahon says that she is talking about the issues. Make that issue. No need for that troublesome “s”. And what is the issue? The fact that Chris Murphy got a mortgage with which only Linda McMahon has been able to perceive a problem. This is emblematic of the ideological bankruptcy of the modern Republican […]

Magnamimous Linda

After having lambasted Murphy for falling behind in his bills, and catching up with them without any political pressure, Linda McMahon announces that she will repay the creditors she stiffed in her 1976 bankruptcy. And make no mistake, hers was a strategic bankruptcy. She didn’t have to do it, and she didn’t need a fresh […]

Webster Bank Pushes Back

A bit of pushback from the Webster Bank, whose reputation has been sullied by McMahon’s fictitious claims about Chris Murphy: Fed up over being dragged into the U.S. Senate race by Republican Linda McMahon, Webster Bank officials are publicly demanding her campaign retract allegations the institution is involved in a sweetheart deal with her opponent, […]

Chris Powell knows it when he sees it

Chris Powell, of the Manchester Journal Inquirer, has been threatened with a libel suit by the World Wide Wrestling company. The offending prose is as follows: If, having spent several times more money than had ever been spent on a campaign in Connecticut, a candidate isn’t known well enough, whose fault would that be? But […]

Can’t buy her love

Well, it looks like Linda has peaked and Blumenthal is pulling away. At this point, it seems unlikely that any new attacks will do much good; the folks who were susceptible to them have already been won or lost. One must wonder whether there will come a point when Linda will stop throwing her money […]