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Category Archives: Grifters

Corruption of the first order

It’s really not hard to see why Ivanka is Trump’s favorite. She’s just like him. When I read this a few things came to mind. The gist of it: Ivanka Trump told me yesterday from Berlin that she has begun building a massive fund that will benefit female entrepreneurs around the globe. Both countries and […]

Grifting the USA

Blogging has been sparse lately, as I’m still getting over the shock. It’s not easy facing up to the fact that I will quite likely witness the end of a republican (small “r”, you’ll notice) government in the United States. Sooner or later everything put together falls apart, but I figured we had at least […]

Grifter in chief

Trump certainly runs true to type, doesn’t he? The Republican presidential nominee has given a mere $33,000 to his campaign this month. That means he needs to pony up another $44 million to fulfill the boast that’s become a familiar refrain in interviews and rallies over the past several days. Actually, it’s worse than that. […]

Thank you grifters

Even grifters aren’t safe from other grifters: As Donald Trump rushes to start collecting the $1 billion expected to be necessary to compete for the White House, one of his biggest challenges may come from those claiming to support him. An increasing number of unauthorized groups are invoking the presumptive GOP nominee’s name to raise […]

Local grifter suffers another setback

Local Grifter John Scott, who has represented John Scott in the legislature for the past year or so, suffered yet another setback recently. I reported back in January of 2015 that John, an insurance agent who had a contract with UConn to sell health insurance to students, had selflessly (or is that selfishly?) proposed a […]

Grifter’s goodbye

Back in August I drafted a post that I guess I never put up, since I can’t find it on the net. The thrust of it was that the Republican candidates, other than Trump, came in three basic flavors. Here’s how I described one of those flavors: The second group are the grifters. These are […]

Who’s the greatest grifter of them all?

The evil stepmother’s magic mirror would have a tough time with this question, but I think Mike Huckabee is making a strong run for the title. He has branched out beyond politics in his hucksterism: Last year, a man named Brian Chambers announced a world-changing advance: An international research organization called the Health Sciences Institute […]

There’s no success like failure

The New’ York Times has a story today about a subject I’ve covered several times in the past (see category “grifters”): the prevalence of grifters on the right, who raise piles of money from the true believers, mainly to line their own pockets. They’ve gone into overdrive recently, and are now raising money with calls […]

A Connecticut grifter gets his reward

I’ve written several times about the fact that grifters have a natural home in the Republican party. There are grifter politicians, like Rick Santorum, who is always hopelessly running for president, thereby keeping his brand alive for those lucrative red meat speaking fees, and there are grifter political operatives, who siphon money away from the […]

Rubes waking up?

On a number of occasions (too lazy to provide links) I've given thanks to the scores of grifters who divert right wing funds from their intended use (subverting the Republic) into their own undeserving pockets. It’s dirty work, but thank God someone's doing it. Newt, Sarah, Ben and their lesser known direct mail kindred deserve […]