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Yet another rant

So, this happened, either today or yesterday; Jack “Ass” Kingston, former Republican congressman and current lobbyist, is one of the more disgusting TV yakkers. And on CNN’s New Day this morning, he reminded us why. Alisyn Camerota introduced this segment on the student gun control effort by asking him about a tweet Kingston made. … […]

Why don’t the Dems keep their blue dogs on a leash?

Joe Manchin, probably the most right wing Democratic Senator, has clearly gone off the rails: The U.S. Senate should be a polite membership club rather than a contentious governmental body whose balance of power shapes the lives of millions of human beings, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) argued Tuesday. Manchin went to the floor to beg […]

Where are the purists when you need them?

At the moment it really looks like the Democrats may do well in November, but we have to bear in mind that we’re talking about the Democrats, who have an affinity for losing. To quote a character from the Firesign Theatre, “sometimes I think they do it on purpose”. No one has documented the misdeeds […]

Are the Democrats ready for this?

Everyone’s talking about a blue wave in November, but everyone seems to forget how the Democrats have excelled at the fine art of losing. There are a couple of things that you can count on during this election season, and my question is: are the Democrats planning for them. First, and I confess I’m not […]

Spines in short supply

Sort of a follow up to my post of a few days ago about the probability that the Democrats will find a way to blow it in next year’s election, provoked by a piece at Hullabaloo, with which I totally agree. Titled, We must ensure that the Resistance keeps up the pressure. Without it Democrats […]

Yet another in a seemingly endless series of modest proposals

The Republicans have passed their tax bill, designed from top to bottom to shift money from the bottom 99.9% to the top .1%, with those of us in the top 20% being robbed the least, while those in the bottom are being robbed the most. It is class warfare on an unprecedented scale, and given […]

More on zero tolerance

A few days ago I wrote about my fear that the Democrats would adopt a zero tolerance position regarding allegation of sexual impropriety. Not surprisingly, some have: As calls for Senator Franken’s resignation rose yesterday, there was talk about the need for zero tolerance of sexual misconduct. For example, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) tweeted: “We […]

More ranting about Democratic messaging

I just want to pass on this post from Crooks & Liars. It features a clip of Orrin Hatch condemning the folks who are draining the government fisc be dependence on government benefits, thus making renewal of the CHIP program, so hard, after he voted to give people who inherit from daddy or mommy billions […]

Hello, Fellow Peasants

It now looks like only a miracle will prevent the passage of the Transfer the Money from the Masses to the Aristocrats tax deform bill. That miracle is not likely to happen, so I think it’s safe to say that we can declare today to be the official beginning of the American plutocracy, which perhaps […]

Democrats: We can do this! (Lose, that is)

Yet another indication that the Democrats are anxious to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory: Bipartisanship, long left for dead in Washington, has struck again. And Wall Street looks to be the winner. In the wake of the Equifax scandal, Congress has been under pressure to act. But the price of modest reforms in […]