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Category Archives: Our Liberties Threatened

Cassandras at the Times

Krugman has it right on the nose this morning, making the obvious historical comparisons to the not quite Republic of Rome: And what happens to the republic as a result? Famously, on paper the transformation of Rome from republic to empire never happened. Officially, imperial Rome was still ruled by a Senate that just happened […]

Everything put together, sooner or later falls apart

I’m slowly unwinding from the fetal position, but it’s still the case that I wake with a jolt every day when I realize that the unthinkable has happened. I’m under orders from my better half not to be too doom-and-gloomy, so I won’t burden this blog, at least right now, with specific predictions. But, I’ve […]

Outrage in Texas

It would be no surprise to hear that Amendments 1 and 3 through 10, possibly 13 and certainly 14 and 15 were being ignored in Texas, but I was stunned to see that the Lone Star State is trampling on Second Amendment rights, the most absolute rights of them all, with nary a word of […]