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Category Archives: Good News

More hopeful signs 

We are just more than a week into the administration of President Bannon, and there are lots of reasons to feel pessimistic, but I have to, once again, write about some signs of optimism. All around, people are gathering together to do their bit to oppose. Last night we went to a meeting of a […]

Sanity Down East

In these parlous times, one must take satisfaction where one can find it. So I was happy to see that sanity prevailed in more ways than one in the great state of Maine, home of my alma mater: “Maine has changed how it will choose most officeholders, becoming the first state in the country to […]

Some good news

A few years ago an occasional reader complained that I was a bit of a curmudgeon (who, me?) and that I rarely talked up good news. So, once a week for about five weeks I religiously posted some good news. I’m not sure if the well ran completely dry, or I just returned to my […]

Really good news

Some time ago a reader shamed me into attempting to highlight some good news now and then, given my propensity to highlight the not so good to terrible news that regularly afflicts us. I tried, but eventually my resolve sort of fizzled out. I try to resist it, but I am an old white guy, […]

(One of the) world’s worst people takes a hit

I am not a gifted enough writer to express how good this makes me feel: Martin Shkreli, the boyish drug company entrepreneur, who rocketed to infamy by jacking up the price of a life-saving pill from $13.50 to $750, was arrested by federal agents at his Manhattan home early Thursday morning on securities fraud related […]

A ray of hope

So, yesterday was a bit of a disaster, locally, though we intend to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and come back swinging. 2016 should be a good year, or, if not, it should spell the end of the Republic. But things were not bad everywhere, and one election in particular gives reason to hope […]

This passes for progress in today’s world

Well, here's some good news and bad news: The Department of Defense released proposed rules today targeting the practices of a broad range of high-cost lenders and prohibiting them from charging service members interest rates over 36 percent. The new rules would overhaul the Military Lending Act, which, when enacted in 2007, narrowly defined potentially […]

Signs of Hope

Every once in a while something happens that makes you think all hope is not lost. These days, that qualifies as good news, so this counts as a good news post. Hundreds of Colorado high school students walked out of school Tuesday to protest a conservative history curriculum their town’s recently elected far-right school board is proposing: […]

California Dumps the Hedge Funds

I have to confess that my promised weekly “good news” posts have been infrequent of late. This is partly due to a slowdown in posting, but mostly due to a dearth of good news, what with the U.S. about to get itself embroiled in another unwinnable war and all. But, here is some good news: […]

Everything is the opposite of what it is, isn’t it?

Only the American media can turn good news into bad, and it comes as no surprise that in doing so they are carrying water for Republicans. The CBO says that as a result of the Affordable Care Act, some ordinary Americans will have the opportunity to work less and still have health insurance, to the […]