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Category Archives: Dysfunction

Truly unbelievable

This is the picture from an ad for Dove Soap. One would love to know the backstory of how this ever saw the light of day. One must also wonder if the models were aware of how these pictures would be used.

Can’t make this stuff up

Just thought I’d pass this on. If you ever get into an argument with a gun nut, which I don’t recommend, ask them to justify this: There’s no telling how many guns we have in America—and when one gets used in a crime, no way for the cops to connect it to its owner. The […]

Yet another modest proposal

There is evidence of widespread hacking of the voter databases in the months prior to the election, and on Election Day. It is impossible to say this had no effect on the outcome of the election, and it appears increasingly likely that Russian interference did, in fact, tip the scales the tiny bit necessary to […]

Still plenty the matter with Kansas

Sam Brownback, as most people know, has turned Kansas into the poster child for Republican governance. He, along with a likeminded Republican legislature, has implemented all the Koch brothers policies to the fullest, and has practically destroyed the state in the process. You might say he is giving the country a preview of what we […]

Excuse my cynicism

I wish I could agree with this article, which argues that Michael Flynn has retroactively registered as a foreign agent in order to set himself up for leniency when Trump and Pence are investigated. It still begs the question of why Michael Flynn is suddenly doing this. By registering now as a foreign agent, he’s […]

A bit of a quandary

I think it was only a day or two after the election that I started to hear predictions that Trump would not serve out his term. At first, I dismissed the notion out of hand. He was a valuable commodity to the Republicans; on his watch, they could do whatever they liked so long as […]

It’s a fact free, fact free, fact free world

The Trumpers may have brought the world of alternative facts to fruition, but that doesn’t mean it started with them. Over the course of the last six months or so I’ve noticed a new type of spam in my office in-box. During that time you would be amazed at the number of awards that I […]

Yet some more modest proposals

Some Democrats are making pretty good noises about opposing the right wing horror show that is Gorsuch. I think it is Jeff Merkley who is pointing out that it is a stolen seat, and that’s a good line, but I’d suggest something along these lines. With one voice (ha ha, Democrats never speak with one […]

Book Plug and a bit more

My younger son (the Professor) gave me a book for Christmas, This Vast Southern Empire, written by Matthew Karp, a friend of his. I haven’t finished it, but if you’re a history buff I can certainly recommend it. It shines a light on a portion of our history that I, for one, had never given […]

Those were the days

It’s easy to forget that it wasn’t that long ago that the United States of America was capable of rational environmental action. But it was, and though it gets little attention, we are reaping the benefits of our past rationality: It’s the beginning of the end for the Antarctic ozone hole. A new analysis shows […]