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Charter School madness

When I first heard about the charter school movement, I knew it boded no good. Having escaped Catholic School for what I consider to have been a great school (HPHS, say it louder we’re the best!), I have always been grateful for, and felt protective of, public education. The fact that the people pushing for […]

We (apparently) don’t need no education

Apparently, that’s what our State Boards of Education, under Democrats and Republicans alike, seem to believe. It’s far more important to hand our educational system over the rent-seeking for profit (whether they call themselves non-profit or not), charter school chains. In Pennsylvania, the charter schools call the shots and the public school system is being […]

Hillary tips her hand

Hillary Clinton and the other Democratic candidates are vying for the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers. The fix is probably in, because the leader of the AFT is a Hillary supporter, but questions remain. Per usual, no one actually knows where Hillary stands on issues critical to teachers, such as the charter school […]

The Department of Education looks out for its constituents

This is truly disgusting: In the wake of the abrupt closure of the for-profit Corinthian Colleges on Sunday, the Education Department released official guidance suggesting that the school’s 16,000 students transfer to a number of the industry’s most troubled for-profit schools. Among the schools on the Education Department’s list of “viable transfer options” released to […]

Charter School Madness

The right, be it the religious or corporate variant, is ever so good at making their positions sound like the opposite of what they are. They don’t oppose abortion and birth control; they are “pro-life”; they don’t pass anti-union laws; they pass “right to work” laws. The media, often enabled by people on the left […]

Two and a half cheers for Obama

Regular readers (should they exist) will recall that I have been urging the Democrats to stand for something other than being the party that is not crazy (which, oddly enough, is not a compelling selling point in this country). In particular, I've urged forgiveness of student loans and free college tuition in public institutions. So, […]

Charter School madness

I read a lot of blogs about economics, so I've become educated about “rent seekers”; individuals or corporations that find ways of diverting public money into their own coffers without providing any significant service in return. Pro Publica has exposed a prime example in the charter school industry: “A couple of years ago, auditors looked […]

That’s Doctor, to you

The New London school system has been placed in receivership by the State of Connecticut. The receiver has hired a school superintendent, and, not surprisingly, there are some questions about the credentials of the choice. Not surprising, given the Malloy administrations record of pushing unqualified people to the front of the line in the educational […]

Fuzzy Math

Let me stray a bit from politics. In this morning's Globe we learn that the Superintendent of Schools of Mansfield, Massachusetts has resigned after giving a graduation speech in which she plagiarized someone else's graduation speech. In my opinion, the punishment doesn't fit the crime, at least if the only crime were plagiarism. Plagiarism is […]

Charter School Madness

The swine belly up to the trough: Tax benefits and real estate investment may also explain why Wall Street is so hot on raising money for charter schools. On Monday night, April 28, 2014, hundreds of Wall Streeters gathered at Cipriani in Midtown Manhattan to raise funds for Success Academy Charter Schools. Former Florida Governor […]