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Category Archives: Red States/Blue States

Red states maintain their lead

I have from time to time advocated for the secession of New England (other blue states invited to join) from the rest of the Nation, on the general grounds that if we were not burdened by the stupid states of the former Confederacy (which, were it not for the need to eradicate slavery, we should […]

And you thought the term “Happy Republican” was an oxymoron

Umm, there are times when it appears that our “liberal media” bends over backwards to be “fair and balanced” to our red state brethren. A good example in today’s Times, in which David Leonhardt gives a boost to what we in the legal biz would call “results oriented” research by a sociology professor at the […]

Yet another map

Well, this one is a no brainer, but yet more proof that the Old South, and the red states in general, have a virtual lock on the bottom half of any continuum you want to suggest. This, from the Daily Kos, maps out the poverty rate for the country as a whole. No surprises here: […]

More red states/blue states

These state by state comparisons are fascinating in part because they are in the main, not at all surprising, yet every once in a while there are some interesting anomalies. Take this map published by the Economist, (via Hullabaloo), showing those states with and without a death penalty (also imparting some information about the frequency […]

Rural states cry foul

The Boston Globe reports that congress critters from rural states are clamoring to expand an already existing program designed to shift NIH research grants away from deserving populated states (such as the Globe's Massachusetts) to rural states that could not win the grants on their own. “It’s hard to compete against MIT or Harvard… . […]

More red state/blue state

This is getting somewhat addictive. Yet another red state/blue state comparisons, with ever more predictable results. This, however, is what you might call the ur-text of these comparisons, the divergence among us from which all the others flow. Here, you see a map showing the geographical concentration of the percentage of people in the country […]

Once again, New England Rules

Yet another national map plotting out the stupid versus the…well…not so stupid. This one maps out the rate at which people have signed up for insurance since Obamacare went into effect. This map does not fit comfortably within the typical pattern, mostly due to the fact that some of the Northern states have right wing […]

The pattern persists

This morning we learned that CVS will stop selling cigarettes in October. In the course of the article in the Times, some statistics: Some 18 percent of American adults smoke, down from 42 percent in 1965. In places like New York City, which has used a combination of steep taxes on cigarettes and bans on […]