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Category Archives: Hillary Clinton

The Great Debate

By any reasonable measure, Hillary “won” the debate yesterday. My general sense is that while the mainstream media wanted to give it to Donald, they’ve been restrained by the reactions of ordinary people. The Donald was not a pleasant person to look at last night, and Hillary must have been a bit creeped out as […]

Back from the shadows again

No posting here for quite some time, due to the fact that I’ve been vacationing in Vermont. The main purpose of this post is to make it clear that I’m still alive. One of the advantages of having no television is that I am spared watching conventions, so I have followed each second hand, so […]

No, No, No, it just can’t be

Back in 2008 I supported Obama over Hillary, and I’ve never really regretted it, though I’ve often thought that had Hillary been elected she would have entered office with a huge majority in both houses and no illusions about the prospects of forging bi-partisan agreements. She would, I thought, have known better, given her own […]

Come together

The time has come for us to admit what has been clear for a while. We can, at best, look forward to four more years of governance by corporate Democrats. Wall Street will remain firmly in control, and, even if some concessions are made to Sanders, control of the Democratic Party will remain firmly in […]

A real Clinton scandal?

It’s well known that neither candidate likely to be nominated by the major parties is particularly popular with the electorate at large. One major difference between them is that Trump actually has a base of people who are enthusiastic about his candidacy. Apart from some folks on Wall Street, there’s not a whole lot of […]

Your point being?

This morning’s Boston Globe has an article entitled In Custody case, Clinton took the side of a father. When she was a thirty year old lawyer Clinton represented a father in a custody case and she won. For that era, it was quite a feat. I didn’t do much family work back then, but I […]

Told you so

My previous post involved passing along some good news. Now, back to normal. I’ve noted on a number of occasions that Hillary Clinton’s opposition to the Trans Pacific Pact will melt like snow in the spring once she’s safely elected, this being an example: When Clinton announces that she won’t scupper the TPP, she’ll tell […]

Immune from attack

I’m a Bernie guy, but I try to be rational and realistic. There are some Bernie folks out there, otherwise reasonable people, who believe that Bernie will get the nomination when Hillary is indicted because of her email server. Not only is that not going to happen, it shouldn’t happen, because she didn’t do anything […]

Hillary speaks, says nothing

So, I read here that HIllary got pissed at a questioner who asked her if she would stop taking money from the oil industry, when she doesn’t get any money from the oil industry, but it just so happens that lots of her contributors work there. The oil industry only gives to her PAC, and […]

Suggested Reading

I don’t know if this full article is available online to non-subscribers, but it should be required reading for all my fellow Democrats that try to peddle the line that Hillary is substantively better than Bernie.