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Gluten free Jesus

First lets stipulate that there are in fact some people who are sensitive to gluten. Their numbers roughly equal the percent of the population singled out by the Occupy folks. You’d never know it by the way in which “Gluten Free!” is plastered on all manner of food items. For example, today I had some […]

God in the classroom 

A few days ago I learned that among all the horrible things in the Republican platform, there is a demand that the Bible be taught “as literature” in public schools. Of course, it’s a transparently bogus demand for the establishment of the Christian religion, but transparently bogus arguments have won in the past. Remember, the […]

No surprises here

Americans have differing opinions about torture: “Remarkably, the gap between torture supporters and opponents widens between voters who are Christian and those who are not religious. Just 39% of white evangelicals believe the CIA’s treatment of detainees amounted to torture, with 53% of white non-evangelical Protestants and 45% of white Catholics agreeing with that statement. […]

Traditional Good Friday music and more

This is Good Friday, so like all good graduates of Our Lady of Sorrows grammar school, I must make note of the day. It is a day sacred to Christians. Even many of us heathens get it off, so I am able to sit here at home and write this blog post. I am not […]

Religious freedom takes another hit 

This is really unbelievable! A police official says brutal beatings that left one teenager dead and his brother seriously wounded at a New York church were part of what members considered a “counseling session.” New Hartford Police Chief Michael Inserra said Wednesday that both Lucas and Christopher Leonard were subjected to hours of physical punishment […]

The PR pontiff shows his true colors

As the (or should it be “a”) poet once wrote, “hope springs eternal in the human breast”, and it is that human foible which perhaps best explains the eagerness with which Americans of a not right wing persuasion have rushed to embrace he who is Pope only because his predecessor resigned to avoid exposure. Some […]

Earth to Francis: Heal yourself

As regular readers know, I’m not a big Pope Francis fan. He’s better than his recent competition, but that’s not saying much. Anyway, this sort of set my head spinning in disbelief: Havana (AP) — Pope Francis met with Fidel Castro on Sunday after urging thousands of Cubans to serve one another and not an […]

There’s good in everyone

I recently clicked on a link to an article about a woman who is being shunned by the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a cult from which she has been expelled for being a lesbian, at the instigation of a man who sexually abused her as a child. Sounds terrible, right. Still, there is good in everyone, and […]

Irish Eyes are smiling

This is what comes of lazy blogging. All day yesterday I was toying with writing something about the Irish referendum. Of course, I know absolutely nothing about Ireland, but this being America, that doesn’t prevent me from having an opinion. In fact, this being America, that means my opinion is entitled to more deference than […]

Easter comes to Our Lady of Sorrows

I have mentioned in the past that I learned everything one need know about religion and the Catholic Church (a redundancy, since the Catholic Church is the one true church) at Our Lady of Sorrows School grammar school in Hartford, Connecticut. This institution of lower learning is no more; there has been some progress in […]