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Category Archives: The Donald

A sick puppy

The mainstream media are finally beginning to say out loud what so many of them have recognized since before the election: that Donald Trump is a sick puppy. Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein tweeted last week that “important Republicans” and higher ups in the intelligence and military communities had been “increasingly saying in private that @realDonaldTrump […]

Tony, we hardly knew ye

This is quite depressing. See the title of this post? I googled the phrase, “we hardly knew ye”, just to make sure I had it right, and what do I find but that lots of other people have already come up with it. The fact is, I’m sitting here on a porch overlooking Lake Pauline […]

Hang in there, Jeff

Life is funny. If, a year ago, you had told me that someday Jefferson Beauregard Sessions would be attorney general; that he’d be under pressure to resign, but that I wouldn’t want him to resign, I’d have questioned your sanity. Yet here we are. Trump’s new golden boy has allowed as if it sure does […]

Watergate Memories

There have been a lot of Watergate comparisons lately, and I’m going to join in. One thing I haven’t seen noted, although I don’t see everything, is the fact that both Watergate and Russiagate are election related scandals, each driven by the desire to steal an election. The difference between them is that Watergate was […]

More news from the Department of Redundancy Department

Who would have thought it? A new study has turned up some startling findings that only those who were otherwise paying attention the past 49 years could have predicted. It turns out most of those Trump voters were not suffering from economic angst. They’re just bigots. Or, how can I say it? Oh! Deplorables! On […]

Normalization continues

There is something very ominous going on not quite under the radar. There’s no question that many people have objected to the normalization of Donald Trump’s behavior, but the fact is that it proceeds apace, enabled by the very people that should be resisting it. As the entire world knows, Trump sunk to a new […]

Random thoughts on Comey day

We live in trying times for part time bloggers. I have been staring at my keyboard, trying in vain to come up with a word to describe what I have seen today, which is really just a clear cut example of what we’ve seen from Republicans for years. The word “hypocrisy” doesn’t quite cut it. […]

You really, really couldn’t make this up

If this is true, then there is truly no one in charge: Because Trump is now completely uncontrollable by his staff, he has now scrapped plans for a “war room” to spout the requisite propaganda rebutting the FBI director’s own charges against him and instead will be responding himself, live, on Twitter. Washington Post reporter Robert […]

Someday I’ll tell you I told you so

I believe I’ve made this observation before, but I want to repeat myself, so when it happens, like Trump I can say “I told you so”. What brought this to mind was the editorial in this morning’s Boston Globe, which, in the course of dissing Trump’s twitter mania, made oblique reference to an extremely troubling […]

Subtle passes for Trump

Donald Trump has often claimed that our NATO allies are not paying what the owe. Normally, the way he phrases what he says, he leaves the impression that they owe the money to the United States. I’ve often wondered what he is talking about, and have searched in vain for explanations in the newspaper articles […]