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This is interesting. Over the last several weeks I’ve read a number of articles in which the writer asserted rather blandly that a president was immune from criminal prosecution. There is usually no caveat, even to the extent of noting that perhaps a president could be prosecuted once he or she had left office. One […]

Watergate Memories

There have been a lot of Watergate comparisons lately, and I’m going to join in. One thing I haven’t seen noted, although I don’t see everything, is the fact that both Watergate and Russiagate are election related scandals, each driven by the desire to steal an election. The difference between them is that Watergate was […]

Nothing new under the sun

This Russia stuff got me thinking, and it occurred to me that backdoor election related dealing between Republicans and our ostensible rivals may not be an invention of the Trumpers. There is a rather strong argument to be made that the Reagan campaign engaged in some slippery dealings with Iran during the 1980 election campaign. […]

Ho-Hum, Yet another impeachable offense

When I began this feature I figured it would be manageable. My objective was to catalogue each impeachable offense so that it might be a handy resource for anyone who didn’t keep track. I figured maybe one offense a week, which would be totally manageable. Before I go on, and for the record, firing Comey […]

A prediction

I just heard that Trump fired Comey. I can still recall the night of the Saturday Night Massacre, when Nixon fired his Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General when they refused to help him cover up Watergate. I still remember an alarmed John Chancellor, of CBS (I think it was CBS) emphasizing that “nothing like […]

Blumenthal doing good work

Give Dick Blumenthal a big round of applause: Although some pessimistic Donald Trump haters are certain he’ll remain in office until the bitter end no matter how tough things get for him, his own track record suggests the opposite. Trump has shown a consistent willingness to quit once he concludes he can’t win, having strategically […]

Duly noted

Impeachable offense #I’ve stopped counting. Actually, he commits one every morning when he wakes up, but this one is particularly blatant. Emoluments, anyone? For 12 weekends in a row, Donald Trump has spent time at a Donald Trump-owned or managed property in what has to be a financial boon for the Trump family. Of course, everywhere Donald Trump […]

Duly noted 

While we’re ll celebrating recent events, and pondering the distinct possibility that the Russian connection may yet bring Trimp down, we must not forget all the other impeachable offenses the small handed one is committing. This one is via Laurence Tribe, who is more assiduously keeping count than am I. Mr. Trump’s 2013 lease with […]

Interesting Question

A friend of mine raised an interesting question about all this Russia stuff. Apparently the FBI has been investigating Trump and his merry band of Russophiles since at least this past summer. What was it that led them to start the investigation in the first place? So far as I know, this question has been […]

Excuse my cynicism

I wish I could agree with this article, which argues that Michael Flynn has retroactively registered as a foreign agent in order to set himself up for leniency when Trump and Pence are investigated. It still begs the question of why Michael Flynn is suddenly doing this. By registering now as a foreign agent, he’s […]