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Category Archives: Impeachable

Add these to the list

Yet more impeachable offenses. First up: Virtually overnight, Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump’s members-only Palm Beach, Fla., club, has been transformed into the part-time capital of American government, a so-called winter White House where Mr. Trump has entertained a foreign head of state, health care industry executives and other presidential guests. But Mr. Trump’s gatherings at Mar-a-Lago […]

Duly noted

I’ve stopped keeping count. Yet another impeachable offense: When China awarded President Donald Trump a long-coveted trademark of the “Trump” brand this week, it violated its own regulations. Chinese legal standards prohibit trademarks of the names of foreign leaders. Trump secured exclusive rights for the use of his name for “building construction services” in China […]

Noted in passing, another impeachable offence

It was widely reported that Trump named Steve Bannon (or more accurately, Bannon named Steve Bannon) to the National Security Council. The law provides that certain people are automatically members of the NSC, and others must be confirmed by Congress. Apparently, Bannon is so unpopular that even the present lickspittle Senate Republicans can’t be counted […]

Impeachable Offense #5

Okay, I realize that I’ve been scratching the surface here, but in my defense, I have a day job and it would surely be a full time endeavor to catalog all of Trump’s impeachable offenses. Here’s the latest: Visitors to the newly revamped White House website get more than a simple rundown of first lady Melania […]

We really can’t complain

A friend sent me this link, to an opinion piece in the Boston Globe that makes the obvious point that we have been “hacking” election for years, so we really don’t have much right to be outraged by what the Russians may have done. Some of our politicians tell us we are a Christian country, […]

Impeachable Offense, #4

This sort of thing will get old fast, but these things have to be documented. It is, of course, a requirement that I point out here what would have happened had Obama done anything so blatant. A source tells ThinkProgress that the Kuwaiti embassy, which has regularly held the event at the Four Seasons in […]

Impeachable Offense #3

The fact is that I still can’t face reading the news or my blogs on a regular basis, so I’ve probably missed about ten more, but this, if true, certainly constitutes an impeachable offense by any reasonable standard: Of course, none of this stuff will ever be investigated, but I’d put the chances as slim […]

Impeachable Offense, #2

Using his office for personal enrichment: A stalled building project in Argentina bearing President-elect Donald Trump’s name reportedly picked up steam days after he spoke with Argentina’s president. According to Quartz, three days after Trump spoke with President Mauricio Macri, one of his real estate projects in Buenos Aires made headway after years of delays. […]

Impeachable offense, #1

Today I am going to begin what I believe will be the first in a long series of posts, within each of which I will take note of the commission of impeachable offenses by the person who is going to get the most votes when the electoral college next month, as opposed to the person […]