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Category Archives: Resistance

Courtney Town Hall

My wife and I went to Joe Courtney’s Town Hall last night. A few reaction: First, I was a bit surprised that the crowd was, so far as I could see, universally supportive of Joe. If there were Trumpies there, they kept their mouths shut. A lot of the questions were about Obamacare, and it […]

Lessons from Italy

My son gave me a subscription to Jacobin Magazine for Christmas. It’s a quarterly, and I received my first post-election issue today. I didn’t read much in the last issue, because it was pretty much premised on the certain Clinton victory. Unfortunately, I can’t link to the article about which I’m writing, as it isn’t […]

More hopeful signs 

We are just more than a week into the administration of President Bannon, and there are lots of reasons to feel pessimistic, but I have to, once again, write about some signs of optimism. All around, people are gathering together to do their bit to oppose. Last night we went to a meeting of a […]

Always look on the bright side of life

We may be going down for the count, but at least a lot of us are fighting back. The demonstrations protesting Trump’s recent act of cruelty are one small sign of hope. I don’t think there was anything like this when Hitler took over, so we are at least one up on the Germans. Someone, […]

Women’s March, Local Edition

Second attempt at this, as the first time all the pictures I put up were wildly distorted. I scrapped the post, and forgot to save the text. So, here goes again. As I said yesterday, we here in Mystic had our own little demonstration by the statue of Johnny Kelley, one of three Boston Marathon […]