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Worth pointing out

RE: this shithole remarks. Trump wants more people from Norway to emigrate to the United States. Shouldn’t the media be pointing out that you’d have to be half crazy to do something like that? Why would anyone rather live in the US than Norway? Well, climate maybe, but who wants to live in Florida, and […]

Sound like anyone you know of?

So, yesterday I started watching some lectures I got from the Learning Company. The course is called An Introduction to Formal Logic.The first lecture is an introduction to the course, and the lecturer spends the time disabusing his students of any notion that man is an essentially rational creature. In all sorts of ways we […]

A word of thanks to The Very Stable Genius

Ever since a certain small handed person won more electoral votes than the only qualified person running for president at the time, I’ve struggled with trying to figure out how to refer to him. I was certainly not going to call him P#######t T###p, as I wasn’t willing to recognize his legitimacy or to afford […]