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Monthly Archives: May 2007

I’m out of here

Early tomorrow we’ll be leaving Connecticut for the Northern regions of Sweet New England, mainly the great state of Maine. We’ll be wending our way to Brunswick, seat of Bowdoin college, where we’ll be attending my 35th college reunion. Ah, those were the days. When I graduated, Richard Nixon was president, but it was beginning […]

Isn’t this getting tiresome

George Bush has just announced yet another non-binding environmental initiative. US President George W. Bush said Thursday he would urge major industrialized nations at a summit next week to join a new global framework for fighting climate change after the Kyoto Protocol lapses. Environmental groups immediately criticized the plan as vague and based on non-binding […]


During my nightly newsreader lightning round I came across this post at Pharyngula, which linked to this post at a blog called Making Light. The ultimate subject is a blog, or former blog, called Embryoyo, only the name of which appears to have been original. The blog is no longer available for viewing, or wasn’t […]

Blaming the victims

As any faithful reader can tell you, I’ve been a Joe Courtney supporter since the day after the 2004 election. However, no one is perfect, and I must take issue with Joe’s current take on the Iraq war, or more specifically, on the current state of affairs in Iraq. According to the Day (Courtney Blasts […]

Euphemistically speaking

This ones a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, so I won’t belabor it. This morning’s Times relates that some people who other people listen to (as opposed to us unwashed) believe torture isn’t a good idea, not because it’s morally wrong (that’s too quaint an objection) but because it doesn’t work. You’ll find […]

A group of one

A couple of days ago I vented a bit about the fact that the New London Day gave equal coverage to a large anti-war and a small pro-war demonstration. More of the same in the Times today, though perhaps just through sloppy editing. On the front page of the Times, there’s a picture of a […]

Doing poorly be doing good

There’s an old saw that hard cases make bad law. The Second Circuit has just proven that sometimes easy cases make bad law. A hot shot law firm from New York City asked for an exorbitant fee in a Voting Rights case, and the court properly reduced the fee. It then went on to rather […]

Bike Blogging

Yesterday I started a bike ride in North Stonington and headed up Wyassup Road. To any of my readers who are bikers: Avoid Wyassup Road. It’s nice country but the road surface is extremely rough. It’s a bit like running through mud. It’s also rather depressing, since you can see that what was recently farm […]

Memorial Day musings

This is Memorial Day weekend, the holiday on which, in theory anyway, we pause to remember the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform. It behooves us also to consider what they are being asked to sacrifice for, and whether they or anyone else can claim that those sacrifices are for noble goals […]

Obama slams McCain and Romney

This is all over the internets, but it’s good, and should be spread around. Democrats fighting back.