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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Nothing New Under the Sun

The current edition of the New York Review of Books includes a review of Allan M. Brandt’s The Cigarette Century: The Rise, Fall and Deadly Persistence of the Product that Defined America. One paragraph jumped out at me (the article is only available to subscribers of the electronic version, and is not even available to […]

More comics

Sorry if this is poor quality. I couldn’t find it on line, so I had to scan it. It doesn’t even come up on my comics widget. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might be suspicious:

Saturday Night Music

Last week the Lovin Spoonful, this week the Byrds. I’m going to make this a regular thing I guess. Here’s the Byrds as old geezers singing “Turn, Turn, Turn”: And, because I couldn’t make up my mind, here’s another with an appearance by the author:

No there there

Fred Thompson underwhelms them in New Hampshire. In 2004 Wes Clark was a threat to everyone, including Bush, before he got in the race. Once he did, he faded. Clark actually had substance and would probably have been a capable president. Thompson is a lightweight, who did nothing as a Senator, and would be a […]

McClatchey calls Bush on Al Qaeda

I am just piggybacking onto Atrios here, but I think it’s worth doing. Recognizing good journalism is as important as decrying the trash, particularly since, for the most part, we internet types don’t have the resources to do original reporting. I have written about the brain dead way portions of our media (including the New […]

Home Depot says no to Griswold-maybe

It is with some chagrin, that I must issue a provisional correction to a charge of environmental depredation that I made against Home Depot recently. Home Depot has pleaded “not interested” to the charge of wishing to cover a Griswold farm with asphalt and ugliness, according to the Norwich Bulletin (Home Depot Refutes Rumor) I […]

Republicans filibuster, Democrats quail

There is a very interesting diary entry today on Daily Kos about the fact that the Republicans are “filibustering” a bill that has already passed, namely the bill adopting the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. Different versions of the bill have passed each house, and the Republicans are now threatening to filibuster the normally routine […]

Monday comics

Forgiving the sinner, but not the sin

There is a woman named Katrina Swett, who is running in the New Hampshire Democratic primary for the United States Senate. The short case against her candidacy is made here (stolen from My Left Nutmeg): Recently Ms. Swett has attempted to distance herself from Saint Joe: As we reported recently, Swett suggested a couple weeks […]

The Supreme Court strikes back

The fan is being hit fast and furiously these days. Joe Lieberman’s gift to the nation-a right wing Supreme Court, has announced itself with force over the last couple of days. Corporate free speech good, student free speech, bad. Corporations good, environment bad. Institutionalized religion good, taxpayer standing bad. What’s interesting is the degree to […]