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Monthly Archives: July 2007

No more petitions-impeach.

I just got an email from Joe Courtney asking me to sign a petition calling for Alberto Gonzales to resign. If you’re interested in doing so, you can sign at this link. You can read the email here. Personally, I’m tired of empty gestures which, with all due respect to Joe, I consider this to […]

Lots of Republican dogs eat lots of ballots in Ohio

Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. I have always been averse to conspiracy theories, though Lord knows I’ve been proven wrong in some cases. I remember back in the ’60s when people were accusing the CIA of all kinds of crazy things, and lo and behold, almost all […]

Keeping politics out of it

Tonight we held a public hearing for our Charter Revision Commission, meaning we heard from citizens who has suggestions for possible charter changes. One speaker, who was otherwise quite reasonable, admonished us to “keep politics out of it”. This has become a standard piece of rhetoric in the debased —(get ready, here it comes)–politics of […]

Our new art acquisition

Last week I mentioned that my wife and I bought a painting by a young artist named Adam Peiffer at the Art on Groton Bank art show. This being a very hot Sunday, inducing extreme laziness, rather than doing any more thinking, I am just going to post a picture of Adam’s painting. From what […]

Fighting terror wearing blinders

There’s an excellent book review in the Times today (Our War on Terror), in which Samantha Power reviews a number of books which, in one way or another, illustrate the problems with the American approach to fighting terrorism, particularly the disastrous Bush approach. In fact, the review is essentially a catalog of the all-wrong-all-the-time Bush […]

Calling a spade a spade

Just an observation. In this morning’s Courant we learn that the Libyans used “harsh interrogation techniques” on the Palestinian doctor that they accused of infecting children with AIDS. Except for some reason I can’t entirely fathom, the word “torture” is used. I noted a while back that the New York Times (and the Times is […]

More on Rudy

In response to a recent comment, I’m not a gambling man. However, as the post concerned Rudy Guiliani, I thought I’d submit yet another reason why it will be hard for Rudy to get nominated by a party dominated by the Religious Right. Now I have nothing against cross dressing, being a tolerant guy, but […]

Friday night music

Bruce Springsteen singing We Shall Overcome:

Channeling Condi

When I was in college, I took a sociology course from a very bright professor, who told us that certain industries, including banking, avoid hiring intelligent people because they ask too many questions. It certainly does seem that the folks who have brought us he latest housing bubble are none too smart. Consider Angelo R. […]

Saint Joe visits the asylum

Max Blumenthal has guts. Here he visits a convention of Christians United for Israel, a group of certified nutcases who want to provoke a war with Iran in the hopes that they can bring on Armageddon. Featured Speaker: Our own Joe Lieberman. Is there a way to impeach a Senator? Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians […]