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Monthly Archives: August 2007

An oldie but goodie from John and Stephen

The Singin Senators, featuring former Senator Larry Craig in better days (for him): Which, but the way, was added to youtube by Myleftnutmegger. This may not stay up long, considering Comedy Central’s scorched earth policy re: youtube.

Friday night music-the Clash

Know your rights

Iran war coming

Must reading at firedoglake. Bush-Cheny want a war with Iran, and the Democrats have played right into Bush’s hands: Throughout this inexorable march to war, the Democratic Congress has done worse than nothing. They’ve voted for resolutions condemning Iran without having the factual basis for knowing what Iran is doing or intends, relying only on […]

Let’s sell hope

The incomparable Krugman points out what many of us in the internet wilderness have said at one time or another : There’s a powerful political faction in this country that’s determined to draw exactly the wrong lesson from the Katrina debacle — namely, that the government always fails when it attempts to help people in […]

Portrait of a Decider

Maybe I’ve missed something, but it appears not a single Republican hypocrite has been exposed today. What’s the world coming to? Perhaps it’s the calm before another storm. Ah well, it’s probably be best if the next person to crash and burn waits until after the holiday. There’s really not much grist for the mill, […]

Seasons changing

Fall starts in a little less than a month, according to the astronomers, but most people would agree that, like summer, autumn starts emotionally about a month ahead of its technical arrival. Like it or not, fall is busting out all over. On the whole, I like it. The only problem with autumn is that […]

Time for Craig to spend more time with his dog

If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog Harry Truman Somewhere, there’s a dog about to be befriended, as Wide Stance Larry Craig has lately learned that Harry had it exactly right. All his old friends, who no doubt knew he was not gay all along, are demanding his resignation. To name a […]

Internet mystery

Now that I am using WordPress, I can view something called “Incoming Links” in the control panel (Dashboard) that is the first window I see after I log on. Is there anyone out there who knows how this works, or what it means? I thought it had something to do with folks linking to me, […]

An Earthshaking Question: Should the RTM be abolished?

This post will be of interest, if at all, to my readers in Groton. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a member of the Groton Charter Revision Commission. We are charged with suggesting changes to the Groton Charter. At our next meeting (September 10th) we will be voting on whether the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) should […]

For the record

I can’t let the moment pass without saying a sincere “good riddance” to Alberto Gonzales. One more down, so many more to go.