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Monthly Archives: September 2007

A lawsuit in Derby

Yesterday it came to my attention that a fellow named Mel Thompson has brought suit against a number of folks, including some bloggers. (Connecticut Bob interviews Thompson here) Apparently he was frustrated in an attempt to run for Mayor of Derby, and he has now started a federal court action. I must confess that I […]

Friday night music-the Beatles

I am getting so old. I remember watching this on the telly. The Beatles lip sync All You Need is Love while pretending to record it.

That’s not so hard, is it?

One of the ways in which Bush and the media keep us duped is by the artful use of language, particularly euphemisms. I’ve railed in the past about the use of the term “contractors” in place of the more accurate “mercenaries”. If the correct word were used it would force us to confront the reality […]


The Democrats get played on two fronts. The House, including all the Democrats from Connecticut, voted today to condemn Moveon. This is the first boneheaded inside the Beltway vote cast by Joe Courtney and as such is hugely disappointing. He’s been in office for about 8 months and he already shows signs of losing touch. […]

Some good news

I literally spent the entire day writing. I have a brief due by the 30th on a subject about which I’m not that well versed, so I spent the entire day reading cases, writing and re-writing. This has left me somewhat drained, so I’m semi-taking the night off. I just can’t spend another couple of […]

A Challenge for the Democrats

We may soon find out just how scared the Democrats are of looking insufficiently tough. Paradoxically, of course, they show their toughness by weakly caving to every Republican attack, See, e.g., the anti-Moveon Resolution. Now we will find out if there are any limits to just how crazy the Republicans, and how craven the Democrats, […]

A Republican genetic disorder in the news again

This story (making the rounds on the internet with the most recent mention I’ve seen at TPM) is further proof of the existence of a disease that appears to strike Republicans disproportionately: one issue liberalism. I’ve remarked on this before. This time the sufferer is the mayor of San Diego, who ran for office vowing […]

Groton Democrats raise hundreds of dollars!

The Groton Democrats had a fairly successful fundraiser today. As I said yesterday, we held a tag sale … garage sale, whatever, at Sutton Park. We raised a decent amount of money, but it wasn’t really about the money, at least not for me. What it was about was clearing out all the stuff that […]

Better Late than never

The Groton Democrats will be holding their reasonably annual tag sale at Sutton Park starting tomorrow at around 9:00 AM. If you have something to get rid of, or if you want to pick up something you’ll always treasure, stop by.

Today’s task

Give money to Moveon, $500,000.00 and counting. I’ve given already. Except for a possible concert post, that’s it for me tonight. I have Charter Revision work to do.