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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Friday night music-Warren Zevon

I spent most of the day in a train. It’s funny how doing nothing can make you so tired. I write this from a hotel room, where I am about to hit the sack. The Amtrak magazine had a list of 10 supposedly obscure albums to download to your Ipod, and one of them was […]

Thursday night music

I’ll try to make up for this tomorrow.

Sporadic blogging ahead

We are taking some friends out for a 60th birthday tonight, and tomorrow we head off to Washington to see one of our offspring. The hotel has internet, so I’m going to try to post from there, but there won’t be much from here this weekend.

Ronald McDonald-hedgehog killer

Cute, isn’t (s)he? He (or she) is a hedgehog and scores of its furry brethren have met a fate worse than, wait, a fate equal to death- mainly death, through the miracle of modern design from one of the many American incarnations of evil, the McDonald’s corporation: Many German hedgehogs have been found dead […]

Harry Reid honors a hold

Via Kos, we learn that right wing Senator Tom Coburn has put a hold on legislation that would prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to people who have genetic predispositions to certain diseases or conditions. It’s hard to see why anyone would be against this. Even Coburn says he isn’t against it, he just has […]

A conflict of interest

This is an interesting story. Mark Penn, the guy who has advised Hillary’s campaign so successfully, obviously has a financial interest in a Hillary victory. But, should Hillary lose the nomination, he also has a financial interest in Obama losing in November. No conflict with respect to Hillary maybe, but a massive conflict in relation […]

Not good

Joe Courtney is trying to raise money in response to the attacks that are being mounted against him on FISA. It’s a good thing to do, since this sort of stuff might stop if the Republicans see it’s a money loser for them. Here’s the link to contribute. Unfortunately, my wife tried twice to contribute […]

The sliming begins

The attacks on Barack Obama have begun. The Republicans are questioning his patriotism, and CNN immediately runs a poll asking if he’s patriotic enough to be president (sign a protest letter here). No word so far on whether they’ll poll on whether McCain is too dishonest to be president. Then again, even McCain can’t hope […]

The forces of ignorance come calling

I just got a call from a group that I believe called itself the Protect America Foundation, trying to spread lies about the FISA vote. Unfortunately, I can’t contain my outrage at these people. In retrospect I should have feigned ignorance, and listened to her whole pitch, but I cut her off and told her […]

Give Senator Warner what he wants

Recently, Barack Obama made what is actually a relatively non-controversial statement about the state of our Armed Forces: You know, I’ve heard from an Army captain who was the head of a rifle platoon — supposed to have 39 men in a rifle platoon. Ended up being sent to Afghanistan with 24 because 15 of […]