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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Nader redux

Ralph Nader is going to run for president again. The man is pitiful. He will be remembered, not as the great consumer advocate, but as the man who gave this country George Bush. This time around the old man will find that no one is listening.

The Real McCain, part 1

Today begins part one of an occasional series, a retrospective if you will (probably every Sunday) about John McCain, the presumptive nominee of the Republican party. I am impelled to start this series for a number of reasons. First, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Second, I have come to the conclusion that many […]

In a nutshell

FISA explained:

Burying the story

The McCain loving New London Day prints a Washington Post story that establishes beyond doubt that the McCain campaign lied when it said that McCain had not personally met with Lowell “Bud” Paxson before he wrote a letter to the FCC on Paxson’s behalf. Where? On the obituary page, of course. The story is not […]

Friday night music-A trip in the Wayback machine

Even before my time. Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee.

Protesting too much

The Hartford Courant (A Poorly Sourced Story) joins the journalistic crowd eager to prove that the “Clinton Rules” definitely don’t apply to Republicans. According to the Courant, the Times has “some explaining to do about its story Thursday suggesting that Sen. John McCain of Arizona had a romantic relationship several years ago with a lobbyist […]

A bit of history about Cindy McCain, who says she’s better than Michelle Obama

Since Cindy McCain has interjected herself into the campaign by hyping her moral superiority to Michelle Obama she has, as the Republicans would say, made herself “fair game”. When Democrats use that term it means telling people the truth about their opponents, because with Republicans you don’t normally have to make anything up. Turns out […]

Fewer good walks spoiled

My father died when I was quite young, but not before he warned me off of two things: cigarettes and golf. I have followed his advice on both fronts, and firmly believe I’m a better man for it. Now, at least according to the New York Times, fewer people than ever are disregarding his advice. […]

Bill says Hillary can’t win without Texas and Ohio

There appears to be only one way the Democrats can lose the White House in November: by forming a circular firing squad. The chances of that happening have appeared to be good, particularly with rumours that Hillary is planning to try to have delegates seated from Michigan and Florida. Those states, which Obama did not […]

Letterman on McCain

I suppose as a person on the brink of geezerdom I should take umbrage at this, but I think this is just the message that will win the election for Obama: McCain is an artifact of the past. via The Huffington Post