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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Crime wave in Connecticut

I suppose it’s just me, but I find the “Home Invasion” scare that is currently the rage a little puzzling. These incidents are covered as if they represent a species of crime without precedent. We have, in fact, had laws on the books for years that deal with all aspects of this type of crime. […]

Pushing back

Apparently John Kerry learned something from the Swift Boat episode: This is what Democrats need to do. Like all bullies, and the broadcast press is composed primarily of bullies, they back down in the face of determined opposition. Notice the look on her face when he pushes back. One of the reasons we need to […]

Distractions continue

I mentioned a couple of days ago that my kids were visiting this weekend, so I wasn’t paying attention to the Jeremiah Wright 24/7 coverage. Apparently a Clinton supporter unleashed the man onto the national stage and the press, as is its wont, dutifully engaged in the pack journalism that is the hallmark of our […]

AP accepts Republican spin as gospel

We liberals are often frustrated by the refusal of the press to call the Republicans or the right when they out and out lie. No claim they make is absurd enough to warrant anything other than “on the one hand, on the other hand” type of coverage. Not to worry, that type of coverage is […]

Vote suppressors vindicate vote suppressors

Eight years ago the Supreme Court ruled that one man’s right to equal protection was more important than the votes of the mass of voters in Florida, or at least the ones that weren’t counted. They would claim, I’m sure, that the fact that the man in question was George Bush was purely coincidental. Since […]

JJB Dinner tomorrow

I have inflicted very few posts on the world lately. My kids were here visiting this weekend, so my output has decreased quite a bit. Tomorrow, it’s unlikely that I’ll have much to say. We’re going to the JJB dinner to hear Joe Biden speak. Once again, we expect to see nothing of Joe Lieberman, […]

Holy mother Church does the right thing

This is Sunday, so it’s entirely appropriate that we turn to religion today. By a happy coincidence, religion is in the news, at least it was in today’s Courant, which reports that the Archdiocese of Hartford is kicking the Protestants off of its radio station, including the Episcopalians. I was shocked when I read the […]

A trip down memory lane

We are rapidly approaching the 5th anniversary of our victory in the war in Iraq. Tonight marks another anniversary, the 2nd anniversary of Stephen Colbert’s appearance at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Editor and Publisher reports that the New York Times has, since (because of?) that appearance, decided that it is inappropriate to attend the […]

Friday Night Music-The Band and Friends

I Shall Be Released

Moral blindness

Wow. Check out the reaction of former ABC reporter Robert Zelnick and current journalism professor to the recent revelations in the Times that the Pentagon was recruiting former military people to spread pro-war propaganda. This is from PBS, the only TV network (other than Jon Stewart on the Comedy Channel) to address this issue: He […]